You will see some of my art and photos here, also some of my granddaughter Emily’s are included, too!

1-2-2018  HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!  If you’re looking for more of my recent art work, go to  This is an art blog site I started a few months ago.  ENJOY!

4-17-17  11×14 acrylic. Painted from tutorial YOU can learn to paint from Will Kemp’s You Tube videos, too!

Gondola Painting

3-22-17  11×14 oil painting.  Can you see Amber, my granddaughter?  She is a graduate assistant at the local university who has done  field work on native plants  on the island of Molokai.  She  found a hundreds of years old giant Kamani tree used by Polynesians for canoes, furniture, bowls-

3-22-17  You can find anything, even a squash to try to draw or paint!

3-22-17  Italian scene, 11×14 Acrylic paint.  From Will Kemp tutorial.

10-13-16  Granddaughters Celebrating Blue Hawaii- Acrylic Paintings 11×14



10-13-16   Mallard Duck in Pond- Oil Painting 11×14



7-1-16  Portofino Harbor, Italy.  Oil painting on 11 x 14 canvas.  Tutorial on


7-1-16  Lava moving toward Pahoa, Hawaii in 2014.  Oil painting.


3-7-16  A couple of months ago I saw a photo in the newspaper of a fishing boat in rough seas.  I saved the clipping and did my first stormy ocean painting.  This was in oil on an 11×14 canvas.IMG_1503

2-9-2016  Here I am on my 75th birthday on Dec. 15, 2015 acting like a tourist in Waikiki.  We took the trolley, stopped for a photo, crossed the street to Makino’s Crab House for lunch buffet!

Most recent art work:   An Italian Street Scene I painted in oils; silver, pewter, and gold metals practice on cardboard; these 1 oil and 3 acrylic paintings from my online art class with Paul Taggart, my teacher mentor in Scotland.  The pen and ink drawings were done with Dennis Clark, from New Zealand’s Paint Basket.  Don’t wait until you’re retired to enjoy art, O.K.?!  ~Liz


Two pencil drawings of garlic and onion, and a sheep;  Pixie at the beach- changed the meadow scene into a beach scene (see 5-5-14 photo).  Acrylic paint is very forgiving.  Third photo- a ‘Cosmic abstract’ painting. 
IMG_2485 IMG_2601 IMG_0309 IMG_0545 IMG_2692

 My dad was a car fancier and so I liked fully loaded cars myself.  When I was a young teacher I sometimes drove my Jaguar XJS into the school parking lot.   This photo was taken in front of my daughter’s house many years ago.  (Princess Diana had an XJS just like this.)

4-27-15  SOMETHING FOR THE ‘HEALTH FOODIE’- Acrylic painting done on 8 1/2 x 11 piece of cardboard for a friend.  In case you don’t recognize these:  Swiss cheese cube on top of cheddar square, a nectarine, piece of kiwi, and Royal Anne or Rainier cherries, not Bing!  Oh, and a mint leaf!IMG_0936_2

4-8-15  THE EASTERN OR GOLDEN GATE OF JERUSALEM- an ink drawing with colored pencils.  See post


11-20-14  PENCIL DRAWINGS IN GRAPHITE-  Sorry, I’m still figuring out how to do the gallery feature correctly!




8-13-14  SEASCAPE- ‘A Vacation Getaway’-  I attended a Patrick Ching workshop last Saturday and did this 8×10 painting with Genesis Heat Set paints.  The paint layers are dried with heat and the final result is a beautiful, smooth finish.



8-13-14  HAWAIIAN MONK SEAL-  This was inspired by Patrick Ching when I took a mini class at the Moana Surfrider Hotel in Waikiki where he held an art show last month.  I painted it in acrylic paint.



6-5-14  DUSK AT BEACH PARK–  I just finished this acrylic painting of  Drgold  at Magic Island , Ala Moana Park in Honolulu HAWAII.  It is Drgold’s early Father’s Day gift from me.  We had dinner at the park and he had his ukulele so we sang ‘From the rising of the sun, to the going down of the same, the Lord’s name is to be praised’.  We praised the Lord until way after the sun went down. I used a photo of him sitting on the bench still singing and strumming his ukulele.  It was getting dark so I added in the grass and path which could barely be seen in the photo.   (SEE SUNSETS  2-24-14  for the PHOTO)

I am thankful for Drgold, who loves the Lord with His whole heart and loves God’s Word.  He is a good husband, father and grandfather and best Bible teacher ever.  He has an amazing memory for scriptures and is my walking concordance!  Please visit Drgold’s site to read posts that are “profound, provocative, powerful, and prophetic from the many hidden nuggets in God’s Word.” 

Drgold strumming his ukulele and praising the Lord.

Drgold strumming his ukulele and praising the Lord.

5-28-14   EMILY’S SEASCAPES-  My 12 year old granddaughter spent the weekend with me and painted a seascape for her bedroom and one as a birthday gift for her best friend.  She loves the ocean where she boogie boards and hunts for shells for her jewelry-making.  


Image 1

5-5-14  Tree trimmer- photo taken about 1/2 block away w/zoom lens from my front window on the 6th floor of our condo, tree maybe 80′ feet high.  And acrylic paintings of 2 more family pets which I gave away as birthday presents.


I drove from the country to the city on this winding road that was originally a dirt foot path that took a whole day to get over and back home.  That was the days of ancient Hawaii.  Years later my grandfather went over by horse and wagon from Kaneohe to Honolulu to get farming supplies and staples.  When I drove to college on the then paved road, it was still with the old switchbacks, winding and treacherous.  That was the year before the new tunnels and highway opened up.  I painted a section of the historic bridge where you can see water through the archway from waterfalls.  For amazing photos- GOOGLE ‘Old Pali Road History’.

3-18-14  MY HAVANESE GRANDDOG, HOKU, 7 mos. old. 

Dog portrait for my daughter's birthday.

Dog portrait in acrylic paint for my daughter’s birthday.


Grandchildren doing some art work.

Grandchildren doing some art work.

Makapu'u Pt. Lighthouse on Oahu, Hawaii during whale season. Acrylic painting by Emily.

Makapu’u Pt. Lighthouse on Oahu, Hawaii during whale season. Acrylic painting by Emily.

Pastel Painting done by GD which was framed and hung at her mom's office.

Pastel Painting by Emily which was framed and hung at her mom’s office.

Water color pencil art by GD.

Water color pencil art by Emily.

GD did this drawing while waiting for her ride to school.

Emily did this drawing while waiting for her ride to school.

Emily's craft work one summer.

She was busy with craft work last summer.

Acrylic painting we did together.

Acrylic painting we did together.





SUNSET ACRYLIC PAINTING- Ala Moana Park, Honolulu Hawaii


MAGICAL SUNSET, Ala Moana Park  Honolulu Hawaii


Drgold playing his ukulele and watching the sun go down.  “From the rising of the sun to the going down of the same, the LORD’S name is to be praised.”   (Psa 113:3)  I did a painting from this photo.




This is a palette knife oil painting done over 30 years ago.  I just started painting again 2 summers ago with Emily- to keep her occupied with constructive activities.

2-19-14   I learned how to do pencil drawings only recently from a Drawing Dogs Course on

There are many choices of art courses and FREE tutorials on this friendly site from New Zealand.  The art courses are reasonable in price and Dennis and Nolan Clark are great teachers!  These are my own original drawings.


This is HOKU, a Havanese pup owned by my daughter’s family.


This is her sister from the same litter.


This is HOKU’S brother; they are 3 of a litter of 6.


This is MALU, a Labrador mix, my son’s dog.


A Siberian husky pup drawn from free photo.


A wolf; also drawn from free online photo.

If you have a little time on your hands, do some art work!

If you have a little time on your hands, do some art work!  (Blog post 2-20-14  New Tabs)

This is the first rose I’ve painted, an acrylic painting.   I added the glass vase when I did the FREE  floral still life painting tutorial by Micah Ganske on 

  1. Nice work Liz. Glad to see you’re still doing art.

    • Thanks for coming by, Pat! Since I finished that Drawing Dogs course on paint, I’ve continued drawing, but I’m getting set to paint the family dogs now!

  2. really nice work liz and Emily you both are true artists

  3. Beautiful, beautiful and beautiful!!! I did not Know there was so much talent in your family!
    I just love Emily’s lighthouse and the bare trees and her jewelry shows real talent! Your seascapes and the drawing of the labrador and the rose are especially impressive!!!! I hope
    Emily is considering pursuing art as one of her many talents, like her grandmother. Are the sunsets and sunrise paintings or photographs?

    • Hi Norma, I’m so glad you’re getting around on your computer, posting on your blog and reading other people’s postings! Look again and only the pictures that say painting are paintings. That photo of Wyman sitting on the bench is what I would like to paint when I get around to it! Blessings,

  4. Wow Liz I love all your art. It’s amazing and you sunsets are fantastic. We love the reds for sure! You drawings and paintings are beautiful! I love to draw. I need to do that more!

  5. THESE are ABSOLUTELY incredible, Liz! And so nice to see that they are being displayed. I am mostly drawn to the ukelele shot and painting.

    • Good to see you looking around on my blog, Rommel! You just missed my last 2 paintings that I just posted minutes ago! Yes, that shot was incredible, but more incredible was that I was able to paint the whole silhouette, even showing the ukulele my husband was playing!

      • I remember, even after my long hiatus, that I had to go back and see your drawings. I’m featuring one of your images for my #300 post. It will be posted probably next week or the next.

  6. So are you based in Hawaii right now, or where exactly? I never understood. 😀 I also love the eye-popping magical sunset.

    • Hi Rommel, always good to get your attention! We live in Honolulu, Hawaii and are missionaries in a Chinese and a Filipino church. We made 14 independent mission trips to Luzon, Ilocos Norte from 2000- 2012, also have a lot of fellowship here with the Filipino Christian churches where my husband preaches and where we often sing together. God bless you, ~Liz

  7. Good morning, sis. I’m so glad I starting my day with the song “Give Thanks with a grateful heart” , and viewing your incredible website and art gallery. I was totally impressed at the gift of art in you and being passed on to Emily. Wow! God is so good! You and Wyman glorify The Lord with your Love for Him and share it with the world. I praise Him too for allowing us to have a part in His great plan of salvation. Thanks and have a great day in The Lord! Love, Eileen (“I lean on Jesus”)

  8. YourLastDayOnEarth

    Wow what a breathtaking gallery!💕

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