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8-22-17 UPDATED-  Some blog sites that interest me are also in the categories on my TAB BAR.

PLEASE SEE MY TAB BAR FOR LINKS TO OTHER BLOGSITES ON OTHER TOPICS, e.g. BLOGSITES WITH END TIME TEACHINGS which present very important Bible teachings on Christian Living, Faith, Deception, Hell, Moral Issues, Prayer, Prophecy, Salvation and Eternal Life, etc. 


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CURRENT EVENTS – Get your daily news here!  End Time headlines from the Bible Perspective; daily news and current events,  my favorite source on national and world news.  Teachings and exhortations based on scriptures, news stories and current events as they relate to Bible prophecy and the soon return of Christ.









  •  Rommel’s travels, adventures, and great photos of the Middle East, Asia, America, and other countries.
  •   Tim Shey, A Christian blogger, poet, book author and adventurer writes about his 17 years of hitchhiking experiences across America.
  •   ‘Stories of My Wandering Feet (& Mind)‘  Besides being an adventurer, this young man is an educator whose writing style reflects his interest in English grammar and semantics.  His side bar features beautiful places to explore in the Philippines, his homeland.
  •   ‘Chilly Philly: My Life on the Rocks’ is about a young man traveling and working his way around the world.  We ‘met’ when he was working at McMurdo Bay in Antartica, then he worked in Asia, went home to U.S. for Christmas and is back in Antartica.  No new posts since 6-14, but good travelogue stories of different countries.
  1. It’s such an honor to see my blog on this list.

    Thank you so much!

  2. Thank you so much for including my blog! I really appreciate!

  3. You’re welcome! Your posts are not only well written, but bring back memories of when I was a mom of 3 small children, too!

  4. Wow Liz thank you for liking my blog! WOW!

  5. Thank you dear Shofar 🙂

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