More on ‘Why Do People Resist God?’

A Sequel to ‘Why Do People Resist God?’

Two years ago, I wrote Why Do People Resist God?’.   I am overjoyed for the number of viewers who find this post and are reading it every day.  Perhaps it strikes close to their hearts because they, too, have unbelieving family members and friends whose spiritual lives are hanging in the balance. I would like to also think that some readers are searching for answers in their hearts, if there really is a God in heaven and does He really love them. 

We who believe that ‘there is a heaven to gain and a hell to shun’ cannot help but feel  anguish and helplessness in reaching out to our unbelieving loved ones, friends and others  who resist God’s love and who reject Him and do not want anything to do with Him.  It is only through our continued intercession for them that God can move in their lives and do whatever is necessary to draw them unto Him.

God will honor our fervent prayers no matter how long it takes.  I was at my mother-in-law’s bedside when she had a visitation from Jesus as she lay semi-conscious in the hospital.  She was a Taoist priestess who read horoscopes and offered prayers for family and friends and all who requested her favors which she performed at her home or temple.  We prayed for her for many years to accept Jesus as her Savior.   In her final moments,  as I stood over her reading the Psalms, I heard her call on the name of Jesus and she began to praise Him.  She was barely audible and the countenance on her face lit up; she was seeing Jesus come to her and I realized that she was experiencing a ‘death-bed conversion’.  Praise the Lord!  Hallelujah!  The next morning an hour before she died, the Lord told me the angels were coming for her and then the call came from the hospital that she had just passed away.   She went to be with the Lord Jesus!  \o/ Persistence in prayer is needed daily, to keep Satan at bay that he will not ‘steal, kill, and destroy’ our precious loved ones who are still unbelieving and/or still wayward, so that hell would not be enlarged for more victims of Satan’s destructive work.

Death will come for everyone, sooner or later, and the question is, ‘Where will you/I spend eternity?’   Certain death is inevitable for all mortal men and the circumstances that lead to death can be slow in developing, whether through normal aging or sickness and disease, or death can come swiftly, without warning, in calamitous ways as we read in the daily news.   When death visits unexpectantly and suddenly, a person’s life ceases and his presence and loss is experienced by mourning family members and friends.  How blessed and comforting it is when the deceased is received into glory into the everlasting arms of God.  And how tragic it is and totally unnecessary it will be for anyone who dies and is forever separated from the eternal love of God.  Yet when the latter happens it is the choice of man, and not God.  God’s desire is for all men to be saved and none to perish (John 3:16; 1Tim 2:3-4).

A bittersweet memory comes to my mind.  I had a good friend 20 years my senior who was my mentor and taught me how to do hydroponic gardening.  We shared our interests in gardening and visited other hobbyists and even commercial farmers.   One day in the fall of 2000, after not hearing from him for a while, I called his home.  His wife told me that he had gone to attend a conference on hydroponic gardening in Las Vegas and had a heart attack and died there.  I learned that this sad event happened three months earlier!  What a great shock to me!  My good friend died; he was so strong and healthy; we had enjoyed each other’s company so much; I was stunned!  I could no longer pick up the phone and talk to him.  But the beautiful part of this story is that his heart was open to the Lord and he had received God’s gift of salvation and eternal life before his sudden death.  He was a humble man who simply by faith believed in John 3:16 and opened his heart to the Lord.

What is so difficult about accepting the greatest gift of love that anyone could possibly give you?  God gave the very best gift that He could give– His only begotten son to die for our sins, Jesus, to redeem and reconcile us back to Father God.  Jesus paid the penalty for man’s sinfulness with His blood (Rom 5:12; Mt 1:21).  Salvation and eternal life is ours for the taking.  We don’t deserve it, can’t earn it, work for it, or pay for it.  Salvation is a gift that brings love, peace and joy to the recipient and guarantees a relationship with a faithful friend who will never let us down and would be closer to us than a brother; God will never leave us, nor forsake us (Heb 13:5).

Accepting Christ into one’s heart by faith is to avail oneself of God’s love and mercy.   Because God created us, we can be assured that He has all wisdom and knowledge to bring His plan and purpose for our lives into fruition.  In Jesus we have an advocate who intercedes for us to the Father, that God will accomplish His will in us and grant us the blessings and rewards that we are entitled to us as sons and daughters in His family.  To simply believe in the name of Jesus and turn one’s life over to God, is to be on the right side of eternity, taking the right road that leads to life eternal.  It is Jesus who saves us, not a church or sitting in church, not a religion or a denomination, or following a man’s teaching.  Open your Bible and start reading the Gospel of John and God will reveal Himself to you and bless your life.  The Word of God will build faith because faith comes from having God speak to you through His Holy Scriptures.

Hell is a real place prepared for Satan and his demons and those who oppose God.  But it is not necessary for anyone to perish in Hell and be cast into the lake of fire.  If you believe that Jesus died for your sins and accept Him as your personal Saviour, YOU CAN BE SAVED and go to Heaven one day to your eternal blessing.  Here is a simple prayer of repentance which you can humbly pray to accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour, or to recommit your life to Him again:

Dear Jesus,  

I am a lost sinner.  I’m sorry for my sins and ask you for your forgiveness.  Please come into my heart right now and cleanse me with your precious blood.  I  accept you Jesus, as my Lord and Savior.  Thank you for dying on the cross for me and for saving my soul, and with your help I will live for you.  AMEN!


God bless you, one and all!


Story of Isaac and Rebekah Shows God’s Providence


I love to read the love stories in the Bible. All are significant in that they demonstrate God’s Providence and Power to bring forth His plan and purpose for man.

Originally posted on Bible Q&A:

Rebekah at the Well

In Genesis, chapter 24, we find one of the Bible’s greatest love stories. But the real love story is not that between Isaac and his bride, but the love of God toward his people, and his regard for his promises.

As the story opens, the patriarch Abraham faces a difficult dilemma. Sarah, his wife, has died; and he, too, will soon depart this life. God had promised Abraham that he would become the father of many nations, and that his offspring would one day possess the land of Canaan. Abraham was concerned for their well-being.

We of Twentieth Century America can scarcely grasp the importance of this situation. In Abraham’s time, the wife who was barren lived in shame. The father without sons was bereft. Abraham and Sarah had had to wait many years for a son, and had staked their whole future on him.

Abraham saw clearly one great…

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We are in a battle where the outcome is already predetermined!

For the battle is the LORD’S, and the victory is OURS!  (2Chron20:15; 32:8)

Fight the good fight of faith and keep your eyes on the FINISH LINE!

‘. . . press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.’   (Phil 3:14)


The weary old runner wouldn’t give up, but kept pressing on even after the crowd had passed him by many hours before.  His eyes kept looking for the finish line; he had been in this race since 5:00 a.m. when the starting shot rang out and sent 30,000 runners off on the 26.2 mile race.  The winner from the country of Kenya clocked in at a little over 2 hours.  As the sun went down and the day turned to dusk and nearly all of the runners were gone, some folks were looking for him and they witnessed the unbelievable sight of the elderly Japanese man staggering in, accompanied on each arm by two faithful friends.  He finished the Honolulu Marathon and CROSSED OVER THE FINISH LINE!!!  It took him all of 15 hours from start to finish.  His photo was on the front page of the Honolulu Advertiser 10 or so years ago.

I’ve told this story in the Philippines to exhort the believers to encourage one another in the faith and to press onward as stalwart soldiers of the LORD,  NOT breaking our ranks!  

We are going to win because GOD FIGHTS FOR US!  THE BATTLE IS HIS and the VICTORY IS OURS!  Praise the Lord!   \o/



YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO WALK ALONE IF you are a friend of God as Abraham was (James 2:23).  Secondly, if you carry a sword that you know how to use, and lastly, if you not only HEAR the voice of the Holy Spirit, but OBEY it also.

God speaks to us through His Word, the Bible.

The Christian believer’s armour, described in Ephesians 6 is not complete without a sharp sword.  The Word of God (Eph 6:17) is our weapon/sword that will help us to ‘be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.’  It will keep us, protect us,  from succumbing to the present apostasy that has many Christians deceived  who will end up as the ‘falling away’ group (2 Thess 2:3), if they don’t repent and return to God and the whole counsel His Word.  These deceived ones follow after the smooth words and flashy lights and attractions of false teachers, false pastors, false prophets, counterfeit Christians, and wolves in sheep clothing!  Jesus warned, ‘DON’T BE DECEIVED!’ (See Mt 24:4, 5, 11, 24)


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Please read Drgold’s latest post about an important topic that is rarely taught or preached on in many churches today, apostate or not.

Originally posted on God's Hidden Nuggets for the Endtimes:


Hell- A Most Terrible Place of Endless Torment 

Jesus asked‘For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?’ Mt16:26. It is horrible when one loses his soul and perishes in Hell. HELL IS FOR REAL AND SADLY, MANY ARE HEADING THERE! Jesus said ‘ENTER YE IN AT THE STRAIT GATE: FOR WIDE IS THE GATE, ANDBROAD IS THE WAY, THAT LEADETH TO DESTRUCTION, AND MANY THERE BE WHICH GO IN THEREAT’ Mt7:13. Jesus came to earth, to die for our sins and to save us from Hell!Hell is a place where souls are damned forever. Hell is where people who died in their sins will spend eternity, in anguish, torment, fear, pain, regret, remorse, without hope and they will never be able to leave there.

The subject of Hell

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What are the implications of the Supreme Court’s marriage decision? Four key things to consider.


Excellent article, best I have read so far on the subject of the Supreme Court’s decision on SSM and its implications for Bible-believing Christians.

Originally posted on Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog:

The latest polls show nearly 60% of Americans support the legalization of same-sex marriage. (graphic credit: Five-Thirty-Eight) The latest polls show nearly 60% of Americans support the legalization of same-sex marriage. (graphic credit: Five-Thirty-Eight)

(Washington, D.C.) — What are the implications of the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision on Friday to make same-sex marriage a Constitutionally-protected civil right? Is the Court’s decision to change the definition of marriage really such a big deal, or are Christians hyperventilating over the issue for nothing?

Unfortunately, yes, this is a very big deal, and it puts America on a perilous path. Unless we change course soon, this could accelerate the nation’s judgment andimplosion.

Let me walk through four key things Christians ought consider at this critical time.

First, the Supreme Court is overreaching its Constitutional authority, and is thus undermining its own legitimacy and pouring gasoline on a highly-politicized issue that will deeply divide Americans for years to come.

If the Constitution even mentioned the word “marriage,” the Court might theoretically have the right to address the subject. But the word is…

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Gay Marriage Victory? Hey! I’m not on this boat!


This is an awfully long post if you care to read it through, but watch the VIDEO as Jim Daly expresses the thoughts which I concur with.   Excerpted from his video:

“We must season our words with salt; it’s time to be a light in these dark times;
It’s not time to be combative, caustic.
Now more than ever we must maintain the character of Christ and
Remember that it is God’s kindness that leads one to repentance;
We must continue to show that loving kindness as we talk to our neighbors and friends as they see this issue differently. . .”

Please take these words to heart so that we will together strive to live in peace with all men.

Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord:  (Heb 12:14)

Recompense to no man evil for evil.  Provide things honest in the sight of all men.

If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men. 

(Rom 12:17-18)

I love the colors of the rainbow, but moreso its Creator, our Almighty God and Father, who came to seek and save lost humanity.   God so loved ‘the world’. . .

This is the time to look hard at the scriptures and obey them. 

 Master, which is the great commandment in the law?

 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

 This is the first and great commandment.

 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.  

(Mt 22:36-39)


Originally posted on The Christian Gazette:

Hey! Who pulled the rug from under my feet? I’m not on this boat and I won’t agree and neither will the God who this country claims to be under.

This is not okay! Where is the voice of righteousness? Where is the voice of wisdom?

Who says I have to be politically correct?  I want my liberty!  I want my generations to be raised under God and not the lust of this nation. Why do teenagers who have sex with the same sex get their own room in the library – the “safe zone”? Thanks  ACLU for your gay sex posters all over my  public libraries that we pay for. I want my posters up – God made marriage for a man and a woman.

No, this is not hate speech, I signed up for a country under God, of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and I’m…

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AMERICA, the Fallen- End Time Visions


Note that the following was posted in 2013.

2-25-13  My recent oil painting of an apocalyptic event on the West Coast, U.S. 


I saw this in a vision years ago: smoldering ruins in foreground and background, collapsed bridge with cars spilling out…

Added note 6-26-15:  I was troubled when I first had this vision and hid it away in my heart for many years.  I saw in the spirit that a catastrophic event struck the United States.  An unfathomable occurrence of cataclysmic proportion had struck the West Coast of America.  Some of you may recognize this landmark bridge and the one in the background.  I had an eerie feeling when I looked at a recent photo of myself standing looking out at the Golden Gate Bridge from almost this same vantage point.

5-6-13  Fires Raging Across the U.S. 

There have always been wild fires during dry spells, but some years ago I had a vision of fires raging not sporatically here and there in the states.  I saw fires burning out of control across the ENTIRE U.S., from the West to East Coast.  It was an end times apocalypse scene.  

(Added note 6-26-15:  This vision which I saw over 30 years ago has haunted me.  Looking from above the earth I saw the contour of the land mass. The continental U.S., America, was flattened out in smoldering ruins and ash heaps with fires still burning out of control across the entire U.S., from the West to East Coast.)  

A post on the California fires brought this to my mind and also another post of moral corruption in administering California schools confirmed that our nation is in a free fall.  If God doesn’t judge us for our wickedness, He will have to raise up Sodom and Gomorrah! California on fire! California leads the pack incurring God’s wrath on America to bring on fire from heaven!


God Opposes the Supreme Court!


“For darkness shall cover the earth and gross darkness the people.”  (Isaiah 60:2)

“Woe unto them that calleth evil good, and good, evil…”  (Isaiah 5:20)

Originally posted on Defending. Contending.:


No matter what the Supreme Court says, there is One Who is supreme above all men and governments, and He has stated that homosexuality is an abomination. It is a very sad day for America that the moral foundations upon which this nation were built has just been trashed and trampled underfoot. If there is no repentance and forgiveness sought from God, there will be no mercy.

Despite the horrendous news that our beloved nation has taken a huge leap toward the pit of being an amoral society, I am SO THANKFUL that there are some things that will never change.


1. God is STILL sovereign.

2. God knew the Supreme Court would stand against His Word. He is NOT asleep and is not slumbering.

3. Psalm 2 reminds us that while the rulers and kings stand against the…

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Supreme Court: Same-sex couples can marry in all 50 states



Originally posted on By the Blood of the Lamb:

This is no surprise, but it is sobering to see that we really are living in the final moments of world history. The birth pangs are quickening! Get ready, things will change dramatically from this day forward. MARANATHA!

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