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Let’s think about the meaning of Christmas.

CHRISTMAS 2018 – What is Christmas about?

A song comes to me that was sung by little children in my school 40 years ago:
‘Christmas is Jesus, not trees with colored lights,
Christmas is Jesus, not gifts or dazzling lights,
Christmas is Jesus, the day is HIS alone,
Christmas is Jesus, oh let it be known.’

Thank you, Charlie, for your daily devotions!  See you in 2019!

Learning From God's Word

Let’s think about the meaning of Christmas. What does it mean in the countdown to Christmas Day? What will it mean for us when we’re in the middle of January? What will it mean six months from now? Christmas is coming. Jesus is coming. Christmas comes. Christmas goes. Jesus comes. Jesus stays. When Christmas comes to an end, Jesus doesn’t leave us. When Boxing Day begins, Jesus is still with us.
Christmas is about Jesus. Jesus is more than Christmas. If Christmas was all that we had, would we really be saying, “I wish it could be Christmas every day”? Wouldn’t we be asking, “When does everything get back to normal”? Normal? What is normal? Normal seems so unexciting. Normal is this – Jesus is with us. He’s with us every day. Our ordinary days are very different from Christmas Day. Can we ever say, “This is just an ordinary…

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A Time Of Year Like No Other — Equipping

A “Hallelujah” Christmas by Cloverton HD Coffee Shop Christmas Hallelujahs Leonard Cohen, who was a Jew, wrote the song of this video which tells of the birth of the Christ Child. As you view the video you will notice the expressions on the faces of the coffee shop customers. At no other time of the […]

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