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Four Comings of Jesus Christ

God's Hidden Nuggets for the Endtimes

        (Note: many words capitalized, and highlighted for emphasis.)   

Many do not know that the Holy Bible reveals 4 Comings of Jesus Christ to earth, and each coming reveals God’s redemptive and eternal plan for believers, from Adam and Eve, to the present and beyond. The 4 Comings of Jesus Christ to earth can be summarized as such: The 1st Coming of Jesus Christ was for our SALVATION, to save us. The 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ in the person of the Holy Spirit was for our SANCTIFICATION, to help us to be holy. The 3rd Coming of Jesus Christ in the Rapture is for our GLORIFICATION, to make as like Christ, andthe 4th and final Coming of Jesus Christ is for our CORONATION, to crown us as kings and priests to reign on earth…

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An Alphabetical Word List Pertaining to the Endtimes

This is an exciting overview of major concepts that are being discussed in our Sunday ABC, Adult Bible Class- an appropriate title, the ABC’s that pertain to the Endtimes. This will take several weeks, to be sure!

God's Hidden Nuggets for the Endtimes

The following is an alphabetical wordlist, from A through Z, as related to the Holy Bible, to help us understand and hopefully to persevere in these perilous and terrible Endtime, things that are now happening or coming to this world. Jesus said ‘Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away’ Mt24:35. David wrote ‘Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path’ Ps119:105. This wordlist primer is certainly not all inclusive and can be added to. There are also many other words and thoughts that you may have that can also be included!

. Apocalypse- Greek word synonymous to Revelation, describing great tribulation and the gross death and destruction during the Endtime.

. Apostasy- Jesus rebuked the churches for their apostasy, their false beliefs, and sent them scathing Endtime letters. See Re chapters 2,3.

. Apollyon-…

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