Prophetic Visions

 I plan to use this space for end time visions and prophecies that God has revealed to me over the years, plus other encounters of a spiritual nature. Most of the accounts are on the soon return of Jesus Christ and others are about seeing things in the spiritual dimension.  There will also be links relating to end times prophecy and warnings by those who are seers and watchmen for the body of Christ.   (See Tab Bar- APOCALYPTIC ACCOUNTS, BREAKING NEWS AND OTHER TABS FOR RELATED REPORTS/LINKS OF BIBLICALLY-RELATED CURRENT EVENTS)


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3-6-15  Korean Girl’s Vision of End Times

2-25-15  End Times Prophecies 

1-26-15   William Branham’s Vision/Prophecy given to him in 1933

7-29-14   2014  Breaking News/Signs of Last Days Posted here as a confirmation of 1-5-14 PROPHECY for 2014 (See Below)  Get ready, Jesus is coming back sooner than we think!

1-7-14   STOCK MARKET IN 2014  I’m putting this here to reference it, i.e.  see what comes of this ‘prediction’ made by stock market technicians!

1-5-14  PROPHECY for 2014  (Unedited, written 12-30-13 by Shofar)

        2014- To be A Foreboding Year  

Even as the North Shore home owners have experienced tragic eroding of their properties slipping into the ocean before their very eyes, the collapsing of institutions that are basic to society will take place at an unprecedented rate.  It will ultimately cause great alarm.  It will happen right after the New Year.

Another sign of end times is the collapsing of infrastructure, e.g.  the large section of coastal highway and freeway that collapsed in Mexico.  Also, Sudden climatic events with raging floods will catch people by surprise as we saw torrential rain fall upon parts of Hawaii island on the news last night.  More unpredictable weather will be experienced in the world with increasing number of sink holes indicating that the earth is under judgment even as the people are.  In Noah’s day both the heavens and the earth opened up, bringing judgment upon the people as well as the earth.

All of this shaking of all that can be shaken will happen to show that God is giving His final warnings to mankind, to get their attention.  Even the threat of a slow but sure, shroud of radiation from Japan creeping across the Pacific in the air and in the ocean should cause some alarm, but it has been downplayed and ignored and the harmful  and destructive effects are for the most part ignored, this being that it is already out of control.  What will happen will happen and hopefully not too soon.  No one wants to take responsibility to draw the connections that sea life is increasingly affected with greater numbers of larger numbers of suffocating deaths- fish from small to large,  dolphins, manatees in Florida, many kinds of sea life dying; unusual behavior of animals because their habitat has been altered by air quality and temperature, changing currents, etc, that has resulted in erratic behavior.

We have to know our God and draw closer to Him in the coming days because dark ominous clouds are on the horizon.  We should keep a stock of paper goods and staples on hand; we should purge our non-essentials and live simply.  Whatever we don’t need we should give away or get rid of.  Main thing is that we keep a close ear to hear what the Spirit is saying because God said He would tell us what would happen before it happens. Keep encouraging and building faith in God because it is faith only that will help people to get through the rough times ahead of us.

We are living in days of great deception, spiritual deception and evil and corruption.

It is the time of Isaiah 60:1-2 of darkness covering the earth and gross darkness the people.  2014 will be a very bad year.  Very bad year.  The Lord will confirm this word soon after New Year.  Wait and see. Keep safe; keep healthy; know where the children are, who they are with, what they are doing for the enemy knows his time is short and he goes about seeking whom he might devour.  Do not give place to him to stumble and try you in his effort to weaken your faith.  Do not be gullible or well meaning to help faithless people who will solicit you, but not turn to God themselves to be helped, but will take advantage of you and pull you down.  God is going to allow many people to be tried and humbled so that they will repent of their ways and turn to Him so that they will be saved from the greater judgment and wrath of God to come.

12-31-13   2014- A Foreboding Year (Con’t)

We will see more earth changes, increased frequency of earthquakes and volcano eruptions. In Hawaii as in many places, there will be more sink holes too. This is because the earth is under judgment with storms and natural weather events, the earth imploding from within and causing the earth to be unstable like in Louisiana’ swamp land, and Oahu’s shore erosion.

The great majority of people don’t understand that we are seeing signs of the end times. They don’t see that man has cooperated with Satan with his callousness and has not cared for the earth and its resources.  Some examples are the heavy pollution seen in China, even worse than LA smog.  Coupled with that is the contaminated ocean which could be due to radiation from Fukushima and effects upon sea life.  Other signs are global warming and the shoreline erosion on our island.  Is it a combination of rising seas and/or the islands sinking from the weight of magma being generated from the Big Island Kilauea eruptions.

A lot of events are going on right now including things in our society and nation and world with the sole reason of trying our faith. God is gathering a people to Himself who have endured trials and remained faithful to Him, submitted to His will.

(This prophecy was confirmed for right after the New Year, by Friday Jan. 3 and through the weekend a Polar Arctic storm of freezing snow & strong winds hit the U.S.  The extreme temperatures are unprecedented -50 F wind chill, bringing great risks of danger to lives & property in below zero temperatures, causing over 3,000 flight cancellations, with warnings for people not to drive and to remain indoors.  This extreme weather is said to affect 100 million people.

At this time the UK is having the worse weather in 20 years with ferocious storms and floods, 300 flood alerts and warnings in England and Wales.  See for news on current events or Tab Bar BREAKING NEWS sites)


11-19-13  Philippines Super Typhoon prophesied 7 months before it happened!

11-13-13   Judgments Upon America by Christian from Kenya  The Rapture of the church is SOON!

11-9-13   Recent Prophecy from pastor 

November 5, 2013

THIS PAST SUNDAY, AS WE WERE WORSHIPPING THE LORD, I HEARD THE VOICE OF THE LORD SAYING, “THE SEWER SYSTEM OF OUR BEAUTIFUL STATE IS ON THE VERGE OF BREAKING WIDE OPEN.  IT IS NOT THE PHYSICAL Sewer system but the spiritual one that has been in check, but things are possibly on the verge of changing.  

Then I saw a vision of a huge valve that controlled the flow of the sewage being turned by a small group of individuals who had standing behind them a band of dark spirits.  Immediately after I saw this, I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “A deluge of immoral, unrighteous, and ungodly filth is about to break open, causing a foul and putrefying stench.  This moral contamination will quickly spread over our islands and will infect generations to come.”  Then I heard the Spirit of the LORD say, “Band together my people in prayer and fasting to withstand the enemy from opening the spigots of perversion.”
We are facing a major spiritual battle here in the islands, with the governor and legislatures on the verge of passing a bill legalizing same six marriages.  Join us in ramping up our intercession with focused prayer and fasting to preserve the spirit of righteousness and aloha in our islands.
Please pray and fast if possible because “this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting.”  Matthew 17:21
This bill will allow the infiltration of teaching our children from elementary school upward to accept what God has called “abomination.”  Pray like you have never prayed before for the protection of our children.  —

9-23-13  Visions of the Book of Life  Revelations of heaven and the Book of Life describe angels recording names in the Book of Life and blotting out names of those who fall away from their faith (Rev 3:5; Deut 9:14).  Those who had these visions were told to warn those who do not have their names written in the Book of Life!  

7-20-13    A Dream.  Could this be a prophetic warning?

6-18-13   Protests and Riots, Political Upheavals  In 2003 the Lord spoke to us to visit Israel and we were able to book our flight to New York using mileage points.  We met our tour group and continued on to the Holy Land.  We had a stopover in Istanbul, Turkey where we heard there was a recent bombing of the British Embassy.  It was a blessing to visit our Lord’s homeland, but we could not go to certain areas like the Temple Mount area to see the Dome of the Rock.  Neither could we go to Bethlehem at that time.  Armed Israeli soldiers stood nearby some of the popular tourist sites.  With the recent protests and demonstrations in Turkey, I remember the words spoken to me when we were at the airport in Turkey, “Soon it will not be safe to travel in the Middle East.”  Unrest in Turkey.  Read about Breaking News in Middle East.

 5-6-13  Fires Raging Across the U.S.  There have always been wild fires during dry spells, but some years ago I had a vision of fires raging not sporatically here and there in the states.  I saw fires burning out of control across the entire U.S., from the West to East Coast.  It was an end times apocalypse scene.  A post on the California fires brought this to my mind and also another post of moral corruption in administering California schools confirmed that our nation is in a free fall.  If God doesn’t judge us for our wickedness, He will have to raise up Sodom and Gomorrah!  California on fire! California leads the pack incurring God’s wrath on America to bring on fire from heaven!


4-15-13  Dream About Rapture (1-22-13) Just before I woke I had a dream of being with a group of people.  I was telling them that “Jesus can come back at any time.  He could come back on a day like this.”  Then the sky outside suddenly changed and grew bright and my daughter who was with me and I held onto each other and were lifted into the air.  I was saying “Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord” as we were going up into the sky.  I saw other people rising into the sky in ones and twos together.  It was the Rapture that took place.

Only yesterday I commented on someone’s blog.  He said we must get ready for the Lord’s return.  I said, “Since we don’t know when that will be, We must be ready ALL THE TIME.”  Just before that I had a strange dream.  It was that somehow I found this wild animal someone left in my garage in a flimsy cage.  It was like a juvenile tiger with sharp claws.  It was trying to get out through an opening in the wire mesh.  I pulled the cage over to a shelf where I found a hammer and some nails.  I secured the animal inside and wondered how to get rid of it.  I think this had to do with keeping the enemy at bay, which is what I had just written about in my last post.

3-19-13  Check out ‘DREAMS AND VISIONS’ in Tab bar.  Read prayerfully for the Holy Spirit witness and whether these accounts can be confirmed in the Word of God as well.

3-9-13  How I received the Holy Spirit and visions the Lord has shown me.

3-4-13  Vision and prophecy of coming catastrophic events to America;  massive destructive earthquake and U.S. split by New Madrid fault for supporting division of Israel.

Over twenty years ago around the same time of my other ‘end of the world’ vision,  I saw the whole of the United States in smoldering ruins.  It was the aftermath of an apocalyptic event that left the land leveled with fires still burning and the U.S. totally destroyed; not a soul was in sight!  Like this man, I saw the map with the contour of the whole U.S. from north to south and west to east coast.  I never thought that I would hear of others seeing the same vision and would be sharing them as they are now.   I am relating it at this time since it is being confirmed by others.  May God have mercy on us!  Maranatha!

3-4-13  Angelica Zambrano’s Vision of Heaven and Hell and message from God- excerpt from ‘Prepare to Meet Your God’  See last 3 paragraphs of post.  

3-2-13  The following is an excerpt from my eBook which is on this blog site.

SOUNDING THE SHOFAR- Exhortations for the End Times, CHAPTER 7 WATCHMEN ON THE WALL     

Below is a prophecy given by the Holy Spirit on Nov 20, 2005 while ministering in Cubao, Manila, Philippines.  It is regarding what God is doing in these end- times and the responsibility that God has given to the watchmen in the church. 

“God is calling a people unto Himself who are pure and holy to embark upon the most important event they were created for.  It is the ‘come up hither’ event, referring to the Rapture of the Saints (1Thes 4:16,17).  Watchmen are those with the message that Jesus’ coming is imminent and they must sound the message loud and clear.  Many watchmen, however, are sleeping and no longer attentive to their jobs. They must be aroused.  Many are tired and must be charged up again.  Many have left their posts and must be  persuaded to return.  But alas, many will be cast off because God cannot use them; they have gone back into the world where sin, Satan and their flesh will consume them.  God is seeking watchmen who will deliver this message, ‘Wake up, look at the signs around you, the enemy is advancing, prepare for battle and watch the salvation of the Lord!  For the battle is the Lord’s and the victory is ours!’” 

Read about Exekiel’s mandate as a watchman and watchmen in the church:

3-2-13  Read about a prophetic dream. All watchman MUST SOUND THE ALARM!

3-1-13   Dumitru Duduman, a Romanian evangelist, was given a prophecy to deliver to America, that she repent and turn to God.  His prophetic vision was that the land will become desolate.  In another vision he saw the great cities burning.  Please watch the video.

2-25-13  My recent oil painting of an apocalyptic event on the West Coast, U.S. 


I saw this in a vision years ago: smoldering ruins in foreground and background, collapsed bridge with cars spilling out…

1-31-13  Vision of a Departing Train

This vision was shared during lunch at the Star Plaza Hotel while I was on a mission trip to Dagupan City, Philippines in 2001.

I saw a large train and people were boarding it.  It was departure time.  I heard the conductor call out in a loud voice, “ALL ABOARD!” 
I believe this vision is related to the soon coming of the Lord Jesus Christ in the Rapture as stated in 1Th4:16, ‘For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God..’
The following week we were in Baguio and I told the pastor of the church we were visiting about this vision.  He, too, had a similar vision about a train.  He saw a train on fire as it went up into the sky and he recognized the faces of some of his own church members who were in the train.  He said that it was like when Elijah was taken up to heaven in a chariot of fire, ‘fire’ meaning Holy Ghost fire. We both were impressed by the Holy Spirit that the visions were confirmation that Jesus is returning soon.  
A few months later that same year, we went to Shanghai, China, a city of 25 million people and I had an unforgettable and frightening experience.  We had been on trains to different cities before, but on this one occasion I went with a young cousin to spend the day at a park somewhere.  I remembered the crush of the crowd when we boarded the train to return back to Shanghai city proper and having to get off some stops afterwards because we were LOST!  My cousin panicked when she realized we were on the wrong train and not going in the direction of home!  Not being familiar with the names of the train stops, we got off the train and took one that would take us back to where we first boarded the train.  Then, luckily she knew where she lived and we caught the taxi back to her home!  What is to learn about this harrowing experience and how it tied into my vision in the Philippines is this:
We need to know where we’re going and how to get there.  We need the right ticket in our hand and be ready at the right place when the train pulls up.  The return of Jesus Christ could be at any time.  It will be like the train coming up the tracks and hearing the train conductor call out, “All Aboard!”  Jesus has been calling all this time, but soon it will be the last and final call of  “All Aboard!”.   If you’re ready and waiting, you’ll be transported to your heavenly destination.  If not, you’ll be left behind! 

 1-13-13   Vision of Jesus on a White Horse

Yesterday I  shared a comment of a vision on The Rapture Is Imminent  “The War in the Angelic Realm: God’s Angels Fighting For Us (1-12-13).   The reason I did is because the writer mentioned in the last paragraph about “the battle formation is in process”.  It brought to my memory an experience I had which is related below:

“And I (John the apostle) saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war. . . And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean. . .
(Rev 19:11, 14)
I had a vision after we returned from a mission trip in the Philippines and I shared it in the little mission church we attended.  It was an ‘open vision’.
I saw Jesus on a white horse like He was ready to lead a battle.  His horse was ‘reared up’ with his forelegs up in the air, like He was in lead position to engage in battle.  I saw only what was in front of me and could not see far into the scene, but I think  that there were others in the distance getting into formation and preparing to follow.   I was strongly impressed that the imminent return of Jesus Christ is at hand!

  1. YEs, I remember this post. But wouldn’t that be the San Andreas fault in California?

  2. Yes..I remember this painting. Something is going to happen soon, huh? Catastrophe everywhere. I think a major ruling spirit over the USA right now is chaos. Did you see my post on the girl who mysteriously disappeared, and then they found her body in a water tank no human could have put her in?

    • SCARY STUFF. The elevator pictures, her name and name of TB test… We may be getting a prelude of what is coming in Rev 16:13-14 with unclean spirits or the spirits of devils unleashed upon the earth. Lately you hear more and more about conspiracies, unexplainable activities, mysteries, not including things like zombies, black eye people, nephilim accounts. We don’t need to fear because we recognize who is behind all of the deception and dark stuff, but what about those who don’t know the Lord? They will succumb to their fears like in Luke 21:26. Unless they trust in the Lord and believe His Word. We observe and warn about the signs and look for the imminent return of the Lord.

  3. I was amazed at all of the things I found out, which I placed at the top, as I researched it!

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