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This Is Not A Drill

Thank you for this timely post, Cindy! The missile alert was a ‘Wake Up Call’ for many in Hawai‘i not prepared to face death. The bottom line is that many do not know where they will spend eternity, they have not given much thought about their mortality, and unfortunately have no assurance of their salvation. One of the most widely read posts on my blog site is ‘Why Do People Resist God’ ( . Fear and anxiety were the order of the day last Sat. morning for many folks who don’t know God or His Word and 2Cor 5:8 ‘to be absent in the body, (to) be present with the Lord.’ Maranatha! ~Liz  (My husband was blessed talking to you today!)

Heaven Bound


On Saturday January 13, 2018 the residents of Hawaii experienced a scare they will likely never forget. At 8:07 a.m. an emergency alert was sent out across the islands warning of an incoming missile attack advising citizens to seek immediate shelter the seriousness of which was underscored by these terrifying words – “this is not a drill.”  And while residents prepared for the worst in the best way they could it would be another 38 minutes before the information was received that the message was indeed an error. The longest 38 minutes of ones life, I’m guessing.  And as strange and disconcerting as that was incredibly on Tuesday January 16, the island of Japan experienced a similar warning with a full ten minutes passing before notification to the public of the error. I don’t know about you but I smell something fishy here and its not sushi.

On February 20…

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Winter landscape painted by Liz, Dec. 2017.  More about my art at

We’ve been having cooler temperatures in the upper 60’s and low 70’s recently, but NO, it doesn’t snow on our island of O’ahu in Hawaii!

Drgold, and I want to thank you for visiting and reading our posts this past year and encouraging us to continue to study the Bible and share what ‘the Spirit is saying to the church’ for these end times.  We appreciate those of you who have blog sites and share our common faith about ‘God’s news before the news’,  what God has revealed and is revealing about the last days.

Jesus said, ‘Watch ye therefore and pray always, that you may be accounted worthy to escape all these things and stand before the son of man  (Luke 21:36).



~Liz and Wyman