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Addendum to ‘Preaching Is A Risky Business’



Marketplace preaching is still safe in some small towns in the Philippines.  That's me preaching in Pozorubio, Philippines.

Marketplace preaching is still safe in some small towns in the Philippines. That’s me preaching in Pozorrubio, Northern Luzon in the  Philippines.  (See Category- Philippines Mission Work)


7-7-13   “Preaching is a Risky Business!

I just wrote the above post yesterday and have concluded that the reason why evangelism is not a popular activity in the public arena is because of the scorn and bodily danger that one can be exposed to. . .



Flooding in Luzon, Philippines

2011 Photos of Housing Areas Near Santa Rosa, Laguna
We were in this area last year in February working with Light of the World Mission Philippines on the first leg of our mission trip to Luzon, Philippines.
This is the backside of one of the many housing settlements.

The pastors’ house and Wyman sitting on chair with his ukulele.

This is their church which you will see was flooded with waist high water.

Wyman with two young pastors who live in this area and work here.

That’s me. Fortunately, not standing in flood waters.

After the recent flood in Philippines.
Pastors Eric and Joyce on their way to help  their members.

It rained and flooded this same area we were in last year.

This is Pastor Marvin showing how high the water came in the church.

One of the pastors making his way over flood waters to church on the right.

It is amazing how resilient the Filipino people are who live through the regular monsoon floods by helping each other with food, clothing, man power for the massive clean up, and moral support.

Experiencing A Whole New World By Blogging

In recent weeks I spent a good amount of time looking at blogs.  These are some of my observations:

From what I’ve seen in Facebook, it seems that most people share photos and bits of news that I don’t need to give much time or thought to.

If I were to compare FB with blogs I would say that blogging for me is like a nice, unhurried visit between friendly people at their home or mine, and FB is like a fleeting moment in time, with quick passing greetings of folks going in different directions.

The conversation on FB would be like, “Hi, nice to see you. Gotta go now,”  while with a blog it would be like, “Come on in, and sit and chat a while.”

I have found some great friendships in blogosphere to share common interests.  I learned how to make a great, ‘healthy’ open face tuna sandwich from a young man who said if you ate this sandwich you wouldn’t eat another mayo and relish sandwich again.  I agree!   And there’s a broccoli salad and veggie dishes I want to try.  I also found a few women my age with similar professional background, hobbies and other interests who already know each other through their blogs, and now they are getting acquainted with me.  There’s this one gal who is quite a photographer and captures pictures of beautiful birds and butterflies, plus everything growing in her garden.  She has inspired me to do some container gardening since I live in a condo.

Then there are travel blogs that I really like by two young Filipino men who love the Philippines where I have gone on 14 mission trips, but never saw the beautiful white sand beaches and places to explore that they have photographed, and other folks have travel blogs with photos and stories from all over the world that I enjoy so much.   I  also learned some new things like ‘bucket list’ and what the word ‘perusal’ means.  I am surely getting a lot of joy from blogging and quite an education, too.  The last blogger I met is a young teacher with a good sense of humor, so he rounds out my blogging experiences!

If I get their permission, I’ll put up their ‘links’ so you can read my favorite blogs so far.  I have to figure out how to do it.

And the last thing I want to share with you is that I have found a Christian forum with kindly people to dialogue with on serious Bible topics.  What I like about blogging and this forum is that one can have the freedom to share in a respectful and safe environment.  There are built in safeguards so that the blogger has full control over his own blog all the time, and the one blogging is expected to be sincere and respectful at all times!

Now that doesn’t sound too difficult, does it?!  So, don’t spend any more time thinking about blogging, just go ahead and get your blog site up and running!

Reaching the World for Christ

Here is an update on my blog.  First of all, THANK YOU for supporting my efforts to reach the world for Christ, for allowing me to share ‘God’s Enduring Love’ with you, for letting me encourage you in your faith, while your viewing my blog encourages my faith as well!

There are 13 countries in all with folks looking at my blog!  The latest viewers to join us are from India, Saudi Arabia and Germany!  So how many countries are there in the whole world?

The top viewers besides the U.S. and Philippines are Germany, Canada, Singapore and Portugal!

GOD IS GOOD  (ALL THE TIME)!   This is the popular cheer in the PI and should be everywhere else in the world!



He Heard God’s Voice, Too!

My friend Norma just called and said, “I didn’t see today’s blog!”  I explained, “I didn’t write it yet!”  I explained that bloggers can write 2-3 times a week, or even once a week if their last blog was a very long one!  I really don’t know much about this business.  In fact, I didn’t even know a blog from a website until I browsed through Blogging for Dummies!  It said that a blog is a website, but not all websites are blogs.  Go figure!  So Norma, this one is dedicated to you:

He Heard God’s Voice, Too!

Yesterday was such a busy day!  It started with Wyman’s Adult Bible Class at the Chinese church we attend.  Then we went to the Filipino church where he preaches every other Sunday.  After that there was the once a month  fellowship for all the affiliate Filipino churches and we were on the program to sing and share a few words.  It was a wonderful time of worship and praise, great guest speaker’s sermon on ‘Working Together’, special music, etc.  But what I want to share is the testimony a pastor gave which happens to be what I just blogged about- hearing God’s voice.

The pastor had gone to a Filipino community meeting which supports Filipinos back in their homeland in the Philippines.  The time came for contributions for their cause and he was not planning to give a donation.  He had only twenty dollars in his wallet which he needed to buy gas to drive home.  Then he heard the Lord say to him, “Give your money!”  The voice was loud and clear!  It shook him up, so he gave it up and donated his twenty dollars.  Then the announcer said that there was a prize to be given to someone who remembers what the speakers’ middle name was.  The pastor shouted out the name, and won the prize!  In the envelope was enough cash money to buy gas and more besides!  Boy, was he glad he obeyed God!  He gave, and God gave back to him and provided him gas money and extra, too!  When I heard this story, I got goose bumps.  It confirmed to me that without a doubt, there are times when God speaks to us loud and clear to get our attention!


About Me

Welcome to my blog!  I am a retired teacher and have made 14 mission trips to Northern Luzon in the Philippines.  I am interested in sharing the Christian faith and encouraging Bible study in basic truths.  I wrote an eBook in Jan. 2012, ”Sounding the Shofar- Exhortations for the End Times’.  Hope we can be a blessing to one another!