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A good song, that’s all

Beautiful worship song. If you don’t know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, Healer and Deliverer, OPEN YOUR HEART TO HIM TODAY. ‘Come as you are’ as in the song lyrics, and Jesus will transform your life and give you the peace you’re looking for.

The Lions Den

I like this vid. I like the people. I like the beards, the beardless, I like the guys, the gals. I like the voices. I like the music, the tempo, timbre, the images of the speed of life.  I like the hats, the averageness of the musicians, the calm looks on the faces, the sincerity.

Reminds me of the countless men and women who go about their business in the days of life, working underground, in the hospital, in the field, working high atop roofs, using the hands even here as well as tongue and talent, completely aware of One above all.

I like the honor given to God, and the offer given to man. I like to call these people friends. Most will like it too, a few may not. Some will be encouraged, others will laugh. Some will nod the head in smiling agreement, others will shake the…

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Thought you might enjoy this reblog on a beautiful Sunday morning (blue and sunny in Hawaii)! Our grown children and their families are dog lovers as you can see!

God's Enduring Love

Mom in the middle celebrates her 4th birthday with her brood.
Mommy dog in the middle with red bow celebrates her 4th birthday with her brood.


Hoku, on the far left, is our newest ‘granddog’ (we have 4 granddogs total).  He was dropped off to visit a few days with his dog family-  his mom and 3 of his remaining siblings.  His human family, my daughter, husband, their son and daughter went to Anaheim Disneyland to celebrate their Thanksgiving and daughter’s birthday, which fell on Thanksgiving this year.

Lucky for Hoku, and thanks be to God, he had a nice vacation, too, and got to return back to his first home where his first human mom is a Havanese dog breeder.  He had not seen his own family since he moved to his new happy home a few months ago.   Hoku was overjoyed to be reunited with his doggy mom who…

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