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Is Hawaii Island in Peril?

The experts say, ‘NO’; there is no imminent danger. The timely video above is from an unidentified writer of the volcanic activities on the Big Island of Hawaii. (Note: The information re Hawaii volcanoes is basically factual, but not provided by the USGS).

As most of my viewers may know, I have a keen interest in end time current events and how they relate to Bible prophecy regarding the last days that Jesus spoke of. Jesus gave a description of the end times in Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21 which make for serious study for anyone who is interested or curious about the direction the world is going and the signs that predict that the return of the Lord is at hand.

When I was a teacher of elementary school students, part of the course work was to learn about our Hawaiian islands, thus, my interest in geography became a serious one, and I became a hobbyist in volcanology of Hawaii in particular. I was fascinated with the eruption activity of Kilau’ea volcano last year and followed the daily news and videos of earthquakes and devastating eruptions that began last May 4, 2018 with an earthquake of 6.9. While watching what was happening on the Big Island I did 6 volcano paintings in oil paint of the steam and ash explosion from Halema’uma’u, Kilauea’s crater that initiated the eruption from Pu’u O’o, Kilauea’s main vent that produced Fissure 8 and its raging lava river, a lava boat, and other fiery paintings. You can find the paintings at See Archive May-June 2018.

The interesting thing about Mauna Loa and Kilau’ea volcanoes is that Mauna Loa last erupted in l984, and around the time Mauna Loa slowed down and stopped flowing, Kilau’ea was already beginning to become active and would continue to erupt almost continuously for 35 years, from 1983 until 2018, a historic world record. The scientists claim that there may not be any ‘perfect’ parallel connection between the behavior of the two volcanoes, that one starts to erupt after the other has stopped erupting. Any pattern remains to be proven.

But this is a fact: when Kilau’ea slowed down in August of last year, after her 3 months rampage (mainly from Fissure 8 of over 20 fissures that ‘broke ground), Mauna Loa- the world’s largest volcano that covers over 50 percent of the Big Island of Hawaii BEGAN TO STIR. You can read the news story in staradvertiser.comHawaiian Volcano Observatory Monitors Mauna Loa As Seismic Activity Perks Up’, April 13, 2019. Also check the Hawaii Island map and statistics of earthquakes on the USGS site. You will note that there has been seismic activity recorded from and near Mauna Loa, including the recent one of 5.3 magnitude on 4-13-19.

Earthquakes are a fact of life on the island of Hawaii. After all, the island sits over a giant hot spot of magma that flows underground and between the active volcanoes. The scientists agree that Mauna Loa will erupt again and is due for an eruption, but can’t predict when it will happen. So hang tight, everyone!

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Another reblog from Gordon King. We are on the same ‘radio’ frequency, considering our common hotline to the Holy Spirit! Maranatha!

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