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Addendum to ‘Preaching Is A Risky Business’



Marketplace preaching is still safe in some small towns in the Philippines.  That's me preaching in Pozorubio, Philippines.

Marketplace preaching is still safe in some small towns in the Philippines. That’s me preaching in Pozorrubio, Northern Luzon in the  Philippines.  (See Category- Philippines Mission Work)


7-7-13   “Preaching is a Risky Business!

I just wrote the above post yesterday and have concluded that the reason why evangelism is not a popular activity in the public arena is because of the scorn and bodily danger that one can be exposed to. . .


Flooding in Luzon, Philippines

2011 Photos of Housing Areas Near Santa Rosa, Laguna
We were in this area last year in February working with Light of the World Mission Philippines on the first leg of our mission trip to Luzon, Philippines.
This is the backside of one of the many housing settlements.

The pastors’ house and Wyman sitting on chair with his ukulele.

This is their church which you will see was flooded with waist high water.

Wyman with two young pastors who live in this area and work here.

That’s me. Fortunately, not standing in flood waters.

After the recent flood in Philippines.
Pastors Eric and Joyce on their way to help  their members.

It rained and flooded this same area we were in last year.

This is Pastor Marvin showing how high the water came in the church.

One of the pastors making his way over flood waters to church on the right.

It is amazing how resilient the Filipino people are who live through the regular monsoon floods by helping each other with food, clothing, man power for the massive clean up, and moral support.