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Aloha, Everyone! I’ve started a new blog that is ‘A Journal About Art and Life’. I hope to bring together my interests in art with my faith in God and my philosophy of life. So come and visit ‘ART with ALOHA’- ‘ART with LOVE’!



Welcome to all my viewers from ‘God’s Enduring Love’ and to all the new folks who’ve come to visit my new blogsite.  No, I have not abandoned my other blog started in 2012, but I thought I should separate my hobby for those with interest in art.  I hope to journal here and also chronicle my journey into the world of art with vignettes that are both literary and artistic.   At the same time I hope that I can share with you the source of all of my inspiration which is my faith in God.  In the meanwhile, bear with me as I try to get this new site going!

So why did I choose  ‘Art with Aloha for my blog name?  I’m glad you asked!  It means ‘Art with LOVE.  In Hawaii, another meaning for ‘Aloha‘ besides…

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New Paintings in Art Gallery


Visit my Art and Photo Gallery!

If you have just a little extra time on your hands you can draw and paint.  In fact, if I can, you can.  I don’t remember ever drawing anything from my youth to adulthood.  But now as a retiree I found a relaxing, satisfying and therapeutic way to stir up my creative juices!  Check out my gallery and find links to online art forums and free or inexpensive lessons to help you get started drawing and painting!