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It Happened In the Garden

On the Garden Island of Kauai in Hawaii, is a beautiful rainforest.  The lush rainforest has a fern grotto of cascading ferns against a huge lava cave backdrop and is a popular tourist site and favorite setting for many weddings. To get there you need to take the Smith Riverboat up the Wailua River and hike up a trail. This is the setting of my story:

Garden Experience in Kauai, Hawaii  from my journal 8-27-2005

“Hiking down from the cavernous Fern Grotto, I felt the presence of the Spirit of God among the  thick tall trees and foliage of the lush rain forest.  My husband, Wyman, and I were the last ones at the end of the trail since everyone in our tour group had gone back down ahead of us.  So no one was around when I was compelled to call out in a loud voice from the top of the trail.  I cupped my hands together to my mouth and yelled, “WHERE ARE YOU?”   From further down the trail I heard someone answer back, “HERE!”  I told Wyman to call out, in his bigger voice, and he shouted, “WHERE ARE YOU?”  Again some guy yelled back from somewhere, “HERE!”.   I was very astonished to hear someone answer with a loud voice!

We started walking down the trail to join the others.  On the trip back down the Wailua River, Wyman sang ‘Beyond the Reef’ with his ukulele, one of the few oldies he still remembers from bygone years.  We also sang two Christian songs to our small party of 15 passengers.  Then I shared with the folks that on the hike I called out, “WHERE ARE YOU?”  I asked if anyone heard someone shouting, “WHERE ARE YOU?”  One guy identified himself as the one who shouted back twice, “HERE!”  It was a ‘chicken skin’ experience for me as I proceeded to explain how God also called out “WHERE ARE YOU?” to seek fellowship with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.  God calls each one of us also, to have a relationship with Him, and to fellowship with us!  Praise the Lord that the boat captain was a ‘hang loose’ guy.  He let us have the microphone so we were able to be Christian witnesses on a riverboat that beautiful day in Kauai!”