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Prisoners Set Free by Jesus in Urdaneta Jail

Pastor friend on left and Wyman outside entrance of Urdaneta County Jail where we will participate in their weekly Bible study and praise fellowship.

We are in the group photo with some of the inmates. They all found Christ while incarcerated and awaiting trial for their crimes.  Do you see how young they are?! The Lord set them free from sin and condemnation and made them children of God.  They have placed their faith in God for whatever the future holds for them and their families.

Before we left, we prayed for the warden that God would bless him in his work here at the county jail.  The Philippines is a God-fearing nation.  On their 20 peso it says, “Pinagpala ang bayan na ang Diyos ay ang Panginoon (Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord),” which comes from Psalm 33:12. This statement can be found above the seal of the Republic of the Philippines.  Unlike in America, there are open doors to speak to and pray with students and administrators in public schools and provincial universities.  We have also had the liberty to do marketplace preaching with loud speakers in Pozurubio.

Prison Ministry in Urdanetta, PI

This is Wyman holding his ukulele and me next to him, with two staff workers and a pastor’s wife at the right.  We sing and preach the gospel to the inmates.   The men and women sit on separate sides for these weekly chapel meetings. Many become converted to the Christian faith and some will do ministry work upon their release from prison.  Our pastor friend who takes us to this county jail said that those who have found Christ in this place and committed their lives to God have often had their sentences shortened when their cases were reviewed, and some have even had early release!

I remember the very first time I went into a jail cell in Calasiao, in another town, where I visited and prayed for a grandmother.  She was in jail for stealing food for her family.  As she told me her story and cried, I cried along with her.  How terribly sad it is that poverty and hardship drive many to steal and end up like this woman did.