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The Miracle Man’s Story

In the photo, the miracle man is the elderly man in the white shirt.

Last year on 13 February 2011, a pastor in San Pablo, Pangasinan asked my husband Wyman and me to pray for a man who was on his deathbed. He was lying on a bamboo rack outdoors under a thatched palm roof because it was very warm inside his house. This old man was suffering from kidney disease and prostate cancer, and was sent home from the hospital to die. We prayed for him as he laid on the rack hooked up to an IV and other tubes for catheter, etc.

On our trip this year, the same pastor took us to visit him on 12 Feb 2012.  We saw that God had completely healed him!  He said last year during the time he was sick, 37 people died in his barangay in San Pablo, and he thought he would be next one to die.  It was not to be!  He’s 79 years old now, and was up and around, chatting with us. His daughter said after we prayed for him, that evening his kidneys began to clear and the toxins were flushed out, and he was healed of cancer as well. This man continues to make bandorias (many strings instrument), ukuleles, and gives music lessons. He reads music and plays a piano too! He looked very healthy now!

As a coincidence, back in Dec 2005, my husband was asked to conduct a funeral service at this old man’s house. His 28 year-old son was lying in state in a coffin in their home, and as the custom is in the Philippines the body would be there for a week. Every night a different person would speak to friends and families who came to pay their respect, and then fellowship and to have something to eat. The young man, a nurse working in a hospital, was playing basketball in the hot afternoon, had a stroke and died. Wyman remembered the occasion when he spoke at the funeral, but did not recall this  old man or his home as it was over six years ago. When we saw him alive early this year, he thanked Wyman again for the 500 pesos, about $10 that Wyman, a visiting American minister and a complete stranger, had given him in 2005. We have witnessed many healings and miracles in our 40 years of serving the Lord like as in the Book of Acts, but not as spectacular as this one of the dying man who came back to life. Praise God!


Miracle Man-2012

Man healed of prostate cancer and kidney disease