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Our Blessed Hope- Jesus Christ

What is the hope for a believer in Christ, if not to hope for Jesus Coming again? His last words to His disciples were that they should not be sad because they did not see the last of Him. Jesus said ‘don’t be sad that I am leaving you. I will come again to get you when everything is ready. I am going to prepare a place for you and when the time is right I will return for you so that you will be with me’. That is John 14:1-3 paraphrased. We are told to watch for the signs of Jesus Coming because we will not know the day or the hour, but we will know the season of His Coming when we see certain things happening as they are even happening now in the world before our very eyes!

There is a shaking going on which is God’s doing before the return of Christ, our Blessed Hope. God is a consuming fire who is shaking the earth and also heaven in Heb 12:25-29. The breakdown of society and governments and lawlessness; disease and pestilence, plagues and pandemics; cataclysmic weather of flooding and seas rising; climate as well as earth upheavals with volcanic eruptions and earthquakes occurring with greater frequency and intensity everywhere in the world are some indicators that we are living in the closing days of mankind. Another matter Jesus spoke of is that time would be shortened in the last days and it appears that time is now flying by, and becoming shorter. Where a day could be as a thousand years and a thousand years as a day (2Pet 3:8), today weeks fly by as a week is as two days, and two days is like one week, it seems!

Truly Isaiah 60:1-2 is coming to past, with gross darkness covering the earth as well as the people. But we believers shall irise and shine, for our light is coming! God’s New World Order of a peaceful government is coming because man’s ways have corrupted the world and man’s government has failed miserably. Jesus will rule and reign as in Isaiah 9:6-7. There will be blessings and justice for all; there will not be want or need, fear or greed, homelessness or houselessness, but unimaginable peace and joy for those who are praying for and watching for Jesus Return. Jesus is my Blessed Hope. Is Jesus your Blessed Hope? I pray that He is! Therefore take heed to these words from Hebrews 12:14-29) ’Follow peace and holiness with all men, without which no man shall see the Lord’. Maranatha!