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Previous to Hawaii legalizing civil unions, thousands of Christians participated in rallies at our State Capitol, wrote to our legislators and wrote letters to the editor. Some like myself, wrote to leaders of churches who support the LGBT movement- to no avail. In 2003, Hawaii’s then Episcopal Bishop Richard Chang cast his vote to approve the first openly gay bishop Gene Robinson of New Hampshire. Since then many Hawaii Episcopal, Unity, and United Church of Christ denominations, and other ‘Christian’ churches and religious groups affiliated with the Interfaith Alliance and ecumenical groups have ‘spoken up’ to support the cause of Equality, thereby ‘approving’ immorality which contributes to the increasing breakdown of society.  Those ministers who support civil unions and same sex marriages give assent  to homosexuality and sodomy and other unnatural sexual practices.  I suggest that they throw away their Bibles since they do not agree with the God of the Holy Bible, especially the verses in Ezekiel 3:18, 20; 33:8 where God will hold them accountable for the people who they did  not warn about their sin, that their blood will be upon their hands!  Who will warn the pastors and leaders?!

I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel Of Christ!

LGBT pride flag

By Douglas J. Hagmann/ Hagmann & Hagmann

27 March 2013: What we are seeing today in the fight for “equal rights” by homosexual activists is the culmination of an agenda that was set in motion more than a half-century ago.  Before you can fully understand and appreciate what is taking place today, you must first understand that you are being lied to, hoodwinked and manipulated into the erroneous belief that the issue is about “civil rights” or “equal rights.” It’s not. It’s a deliberate perversion of the moral integrity of our society to advance a much larger and more nefarious agenda.

The Progressive homosexual agenda

The Progressive homosexual agenda is a tool of those who are seeking the destruction of America. The activists hypnotized by the illusion of equal rights are nothing more than pawns duped into believing they are fighting for tolerance and inclusion, while the end game scenario…

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