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If you read about my guitars in previous posts,  the last acquisition I made makes the 6th guitar to pass into my possession (not counting one I bought for a granddaughter)!  Well, this is the last chapter because I now have what I want- 2 classic guitars with awesome resonance and full-bodied sound!  One is my Takamine  F3105 with steel strings which I call my Martin Takamine because it is a copy of the famous Martin brand maker.  I bought it from a collector friend who had so many instruments that he decided to let one go!  It looks its age, but its sound is out of this world and worth more than the $100 I paid for it!

I got the second one when I recently traded my Takamine C132S acoustic guitar for my son’s classical Alvarez Yairi CY135.  He is a professional entertainer, plays dinner music at Hy’s Steak House in Waikiki and has a number of excellent instruments.  One is the Alvarez I really liked and even ‘borrowed’ on occasion.  After the last time I played it, he let me talk him out of it.  I swapped with him my Takamine C132S which was in mint condition with a plush lined hard shell case and all.  My son then gave my Takamine to another guitarist who was going to do house repairs for him!

Takamine steel string on left, Alvarez acoustic on right.

Takamine F3105 steel string on left, Alvarez Yairi CY135 classical guitar on right.

Would you believe my Alvarez Yairi came with ‘papers’, kinda like having a pedigree dog, you know.  It was made in Japan and certified by the factory president Kazuo Yairi himself,  handcrafted in Feb. 1975 with woods ‘naturally aged for stability and fine tone’!  And I lOVE IT!  When I play the Alvarez, it is like we are ‘2 voices together’.  My son says that’s a nice way to put it.  Anyway, it is the one on the right side of the photo.   One of the projects I have on the back burner is to record some songs someday to show how to play guitar by ear using chord progressions.  Below is ‘certification’ of my Alvarez Yairi!

Proof of Certification

Alvarez guitar handcrafted certified by President Kazuo Yairi and completed on Feb. 3, 1975.

Tour of Yairi Guitar factory in Japan: 


Why Do You Have To Do A ‘Daily Challenge’?

MY HUSBAND asked, “Why do you have to do a ‘Daily Challenge’?

Me:  “BECAUSE.  Because I want to see if I can do it, write a post a day, every day until Friday.”

Him:  “What are you planning to write about?”

Me:  “ANYTHING.  That’s the challenge, you know, ANYTHING, any subject and something different from how I would normally write.”

Him:  “So what do you have in mind?”

Me:  “THAT IS THE CHALLENGE!  There’s no theme this week so I can choose my own topics.  WHAT am I going to write about?!”

When I was teaching, my students marveled that I had so many stories to tell them.   So I’m sure I won’t be at a loss for one post a day, taking a day at a time!   Well, WHAT shall I write on?

Him:  (Husband is thinking and sometimes saying out loud:  “When are we having breakfast?”   “What’s for lunch today?”  ” Aren’t you taking too long on ONE POST?!”   “Oh well,  that will keep her out of my hair for a while, and I can do my computer work uninterrupted!”)


DAY 1  I am thinking of doing the WordPress Weekly Writing Challenge and plan to share Big Island photos in ‘Where Is A Good Place for Meditation?’  I’ll post 5 photos and write about Psalm 5 and prayer and meditation in a SHORT PHOTO STORY.

DAY 2  My  Short Story of yesterday was a challenge as I wrote ‘A Blog A Day? Why Not?!   That was because I saw that ‘RANTING’ was in the list of suggestions.  Through my frustrations I found at least 3 ways to post photos; the last was the easiest by far!  I discovered a simple way to bypass MEDIA and  the Media Library.

DAY 3  The idea for this blog, ‘Playing Guitar the Easy Way and Guitar Photos’ came from the number of views I continue to have on ‘My Takamine Guitars’ (June 7, 2012).  I thought there must be bloggers who have the same love as me for gospel music, are guitarists, guitar music aficionados/guitar collectors, Christians, or all of the above, thus the follow up blog.  And posting the 2 photos was a breeze!

DAY 4  That brings me up to TODAY’S BLOG POST!  And I already have 3 post topics brewing on the boiler!  I may make it after all!   Only thing is, I don’t really know how this Daily Challenge works.  What day is the last day of this ‘post a day’  Is it on my time or Greenwich time?  I don’t even know if I’m in the Daily Challenge since I haven’t the foggiest idea how to ‘grab a badge’!   Remember, I just figured out how to post photos!  And I have yet to learn how to link better because at this editing, one link still won’t work!  Can you find it?!

Well,  I should get off the computer and fix lunch before I hear something GROWL– (my husband’s stomach)!