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Hawaii Attacked and WWII Begins, Dec. 7, 1941

Honolulu Star-Bulletin Monday, December 8, 1941

Honolulu Star-Bulletin Monday, December 8, 1941

Sad memories today of how terrible war is, the tragic loss of lives, the maiming of bodies, the casualties and battle trauma, broken families, losses and suffering.  We live at the foot of the Punchbowl Crater, the National Cemetary of the Pacific, which is the resting place for our war heroes and veterans of wars.

This is a Facebook message I sent to my children last year:

“For all the youngsters:
When Pearl Harbor was bombed Dec. 7, 1941, I didn’t have my 1 year old birthday party! I lived with my parents in Kaneohe. (Oh bombers, I mean bummers!) Aunty Lily was carrying Wyman who was 2 years old, running back and forth on Lunalilo School grounds, watching the bombs fall, not knowing where another bomb would be dropped. Bombs were falling from the sky not only at Pearl Harbor, but Moiliili area, Kaneohe Marine Base and other places (go google for more info). When Uncle Charles who was in combat was reported missing in action (MIA) Wyman remembers the whole family crying.  But Uncle Charles returned from fighting in Germany. When he died he still had pieces of shrapnel in his leg. War is a terrible thing; PRAY for peace in the world, PEACE and GOOD WILL this Christmas season!”