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SOUNDING THE SHOFAR, The Enemy In Our Midst- Satan’s Subtility

I described the GREAT DECEPTION in my previous post:

 “It is about not knowing what deception is all about and where it’s coming from!  Most people who are deceived   don’t know that they are deceived. They may think they know the truth, but unknowingly believe a lie…”  

The TRUTH comes ONLY from the Word of God, the BIBLE.  Everything we believe in and how we conduct our lives must line up with the Bible.  Jesus said in John 17:17, “Sanctify them through thy TRUTH: thy WORD is TRUTH.” 

Satan is a REAL ENEMY who although operates from the spiritual realm which we cannot see, leaves much physical evidence upon our lives and others.  His evil work and path of destruction can be seen everywhere in the world in which we live.

These are the lyrics that Keith Green, a Christian song writer wrote in one of his songs:

“I [Satan] used to have to sneak around. But now they just open their doors.  No one’s looking for my tricks because no one believes in me any more.”

Even if we  believe that Satan exists, that does not provide a safeguard from his attacks. The best defense against our arch foe is to LEARN WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS ABOUT SATAN in order to recognize his strategies and devices that he uses to weaken and attack us.  Then we will know how to be on our guard to protect ourselves and take an offensive stand against him.   My attitude is this:  I want to be on the OFFENSE, and  not be on the DEFENSE against Satan.  I want to be on the WATCH FOR HIM to put him to flight!  (More on spiritual warfare in coming posts).

The following was written in early 2012 and describes SATAN’S SUBTILITY (Gen 3:1), some of the crafty, cunning, and smooth ways that he can trap and victimize us.


Someone wrote a book, God is For Real. Well, Satan is for real too!  If you play with fire, you’ll get burned!   Don’t give place to the enemy (Eph 4:27);  if you do, you will open yourself up to demonic attack upon your mind and body!  Satan will make mincemeat out of you; he’ll chew you up real good and spit you out!  Don’t think for a minute that you can handle temptations to sin and come out unscathed.  You won’t, because Satan is so intelligent and cunning; he is sneaky and so deceptive in his snares and devices that he will catch you when you least expect him to, in areas of your weaknesses, and he is sure to overpower you! 

I  have enough experiences of my own, plus I can tell you of other people’s experiences besides that of Judy and Jimmy Mamou, (read my testimony and theirs), that will attest to the fact that Satan, the evil one, the father of lies, is out to ‘steal, kill and destroy’ us (John 10:10a).  He is out to steal our joy and happiness,  rob us of our salvation and eternal life.  He wants to kill us however way he is able to, and his biggest desire is to have us forsake God and destroy our souls by taking us to hell with him.  Even as I am writing, Satan hates me and my text has gone all over the page in weird ways!  He wants to stop me from writing on this subject and has disrupted my post.  I finally used another word processing program to continue.

Satan is the MASTER of DECEIT– he’ll smooth talk a woman in unbelievable ways (ask Eve) and she’ll fall for his lies! He’s responsible for unfaithful spouses (adultery); he’s responsible for millions of abortions (murder), and untimely birth of babies being born from premarital sex (fornication) that had a promise of marriage, but the day never came (no marriage, just shacking up which is the modern life style).  He’ll whisper, “go ahead and take a peek, nobody’s watching,” when a minister looks at  PlayBoy. It is a known fact that the many people hooked on pornography includes Christian ministers.   Many folks also get hooked on videos and movies with sex, violence, witchcraft and worldly themes from looking at movie trailers.  It is hard to find TV programs worth watching when many have obscenities, sexual perversion and other unacceptable content.   

Then, because Satan is a THIEF, identity theft is on the rise!  The officer who investigated our stolen credit cards said there were 300 cases a day, which I found unbelievable!  Had the robber been caught it would have been a 10 year maximum imprisonment for Class B Felony for first degree burglary, plus charges for forgery, for signing my signature!

Before we moved into our condo we lived in a nice suburb right outside of the city.  There was a rash of home break-ins on our street so some homeowners put in burglar alarms, but we had two large watchdogs.  Some neighbors had multiple break-ins.  My neighbor across the street had a small dog which did not deter burglars.  Her home was broken into 3 times.  First, thieves took audio equipment; the 2nd time they took gold jewelry; the 3rd time they stole her children’s clothes!  We believe that the thieves were looking for stuff to steal and resell to support their drug habits!  These are just a few examples of Satan wreaking havoc in people’s lives.

Keith Green’s song link– 

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