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JESUS- The Fairest of 10,000! Everybody Ought to Know!

PRAISE GOD!  The reasons for our blogging for the past 7 months are to praise JESUS, to bring glory to His Name, and to tell you what JESUS is doing today in all the earth!

 “Everybody ought to know who Jesus is…

    He’s the fairest of 10,000…

    Everybody ought to know.” 


This morning our 2 Shofar blogs God’s Hidden Nuggets for the Endtimes and God’s Enduring Love registered 10,000 plus hits after 7 months!  As it turned out, I ended up lagging behind, since Drgold and 2 blogger friends reblogged my post, ‘The Last Days Are Upon Us’ from Drgold’s blog!  


THE FINAL COUNT IN OUR RACE TO 10,000 as of Jan 9, 2013:

  5,041 DrGold and 4,966 for me (Liz), totaling 10,007!

THANK YOU AND A SPECIAL BLESSING TO ALL OF OUR VIEWERS around the world who are reading our posts and reblogs!

 Jesus is the “lily of the valley, the bright and morning star, the fairest of 10,000; everybody ought to know.” 

Listen to this beautiful song by the Cedarmont Kids 

“Everybody Ought to Know”