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Dr. Gold’s Making A Run For It!

Dr. Gold’s blog is going great guns!

Drgold, my hubby, is about ready to leave me behind in a cloud of dust!

Imagine I started blogging a whole month before him; I even helped him get his blog started!

I was 1,050 views ahead of him 4 months ago, but he’s catching up fast and ready to pass me up!

It makes my head spin that so many people really want to know about the Dark Knight rising, the Rapture and coming worldwide Great Tribulation, and now they are reading about America plunging over the Fiscal Cliff; things that he is writing about!

I worked my tail off with 4 times as many posts even!  I know it was easy stuff to write and reblogs that I didn’t work at.  Unlike me, he’s dead serious about his writing, while I want to do so many other things besides blogging!

ANYWAY, I am so proud of him finding a readership for his long, heavy duty posts on tough topics!

Besides a career spent as a scientist/meteorologist, he has been involved for many years in economics and finances, investments, as well as Bible study and ministry work, etc.

Well, I’m not the least bit jealous about his success and I’m waiting for him to soar past 5,000 views real soon!  Go for it, Dr. Gold!!!  

Here’s his blog site if you want to help him beat me!  ‘God’s Hidden Nuggets for the Endtimes- Revealing Truths from the Word of God’

New Blog Site

We just started another blog for Wyman’s Bible Topics called ‘God’s Hidden Nuggets for the End Times- Revealing Truths from the Word of God’.   You can find his site at:

This is from his ‘About’-


Welcome to ‘God’s Hidden Nuggets for the End Times’! My name is Wyman Au, a retired meteorologist with the National Weather Service. For the past 12 years, my wife & I have been itinerant missionary-evangelists to the Philippines. Since the year 2000 we have independently made 14 trips from Hawaii to the PI to preach & teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have taught in several Bible schools, conducted Pastors Bible Seminars, & preached sermons in many churches throughout Northern Luzon. On the home front in Honolulu, we are workers at two Christian churches, one a Chinese & the other, a Filipino church. A good part of my time is spent on Bible study & writing papers dealing with God’s plan & purpose for the end-times.

My desire is to share with others what the Holy Spirit of God has taught me over 40 years as a spirit-filled Christian. My focus is on seeking & revealing God’s truths that apply to these end- times that I believe we are presently living in. Present economic, financial, social, & spiritual conditions spell grave danger for the entire world. Nations & kingdoms are under severe stress of mountainous debt, & many are ready to collapse. The closing of the 2000-year dispensation of God’ grace since the coming of Jesus Christ will soon be over, & a great tribulation as never experienced before will engulf the world. It is my hope that this blogsite will be profound, provocative, powerful, & prophetic from the many hidden nuggets in God’s Word.

The name of my blogsite which I coined, is a play on words, because for many years I was addressed as Dr. Gold by some of my colleagues at work because my last name AU, is the chemical symbol for gold- in this case, gold nuggets from the Word of God! Thank you for visiting my new blog!  Blogging is a new experience for me so I welcome your comments on how to do better at this. Also, your comments on any of my posts are most welcomed!

Wyman Au