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Taking A Break From Mac Screen

A health expert recently recommended a break after a 3 hour stint at the computer.  He suggested using a timer to get up once every hour.  That can be easily done for a bathroom break, to get a cold drink, or for some, to look for a small healthy snack, like a fruit.

To ease eye strain one can always adjust the text size to make it larger.  To take my eyes away from the screen periodically, I have found the best diversion ever.  I stop blogging for a few minutes to watch 3 fancy tail rainbow male guppies, 3 female, 2 recently birthed baby fish, a snail, and a tiny shrimp who may come out of hiding.  Besides there are small water plants, including water lilies that seem to grow overnight and often have tiny flowers!  The small aquarium sits on the table where I usually blog on my laptop.  Looking away from the computer helps to exercise the eye muscles and ease eye strain.

But better yet, get up and move around EVERY HOUR!  Take a break from your computer and water those house plants, finish your breakfast dishes or straighten the pillows on your sofa, THEN jump back on your computer!

By the way, this is my 5th consecutive post with the WordPress Weekly Writing Challenge; I’m done being challenged.  I’ll be ‘taking a break from my Mac screen!

This is actually a small 6×6 aquarium that sits on our large dining table where I use my MacBook Pro.