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My Grandpa Could Sing Like George Beverly Shea

I remember him also and loved to hear him sing. Hundreds of thousands of folks were blessed by hearing his songs with his powerful voice. I attended a Billy Graham crusade when they came to Hawaii in 1956.

Coming East

George Beverly Shea died Tuesday at the age of 104.  Many of you have never heard of him, I’m sure, but I grew up listening to him sing gospel hymns in his booming baritone when he accompanied Billy Graham on all his crusades.  I even had the pleasure of hearing him in person when I was a teenager and attended  one of Billy’s crusades in Ohio with my cousin, Cheryl.

My grandfather loved singing hymns, too, and had the most gorgeous deep baritone, just like George Beverly Shea.  When I would tell him I thought he sounded just like Mr. Shea, his idol, my grandfather would laugh and tell me he was flattered, but he would never be able to sing like that. My grandfather was a humble man. Though he never would have bragged about his talent for singing, other people recognized it, and his church often had him…

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