The Real Reasons Why Youth Are Leaving Church

This is a good post, BUT the reasons stated also apply to why there are empty pews in many churches. Youth pastors generally work with senior pastors and often church boards in denominational and independent churches. Take a good look at SENIOR pastors and other church leaders and listen to what they are teaching and/or not teaching and what kind of role models they provide to all of the church members.  The whole counsel of God must be taught without excuse or compromise; the church is sick and in apostasy because of a poor diet of everything else but the pure Word of God which brings conviction of sin and repentance unto salvation and transforms lives.


youthI hadn’t planned writing a follow up to my previous post, but I started thinking about what I wrote and I thought I should offer a more comprehensive reason why I believe people are leaving church.

I say just people, rather than “young people,” because currently, alarmist types want us to believe it is college aged young people freshly set free from the concentration camps of their stifling and non-thinking fundamentalist churches and rigid homeschooled families who are running away from Christianity in vast numbers. But people of all ages leave church on a regular basis. In fact, generations of “young people,” upon leaving home for college or moving away from their parents after getting married stop attending church, so it’s not like this is a recent epidemic or something.

There were a ton of kids in my youth group at the church I attended when I was in…

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