LAKE MEAD RESERVOIR-  Note rings of white mineral deposits showing drop in water level.

LAKE MEAD RESERVOIR- Note rings of white mineral deposits showing drop in water level.




SEEING IS BELIEVING!  DIRE WATER CRISIS DEVELOPING IN WESTERN U.S.     (REVISED, originally posted on 2-5-14- ‘Significant Water Shortage in U.S. Western States’)

This past October 2013, just 4 months ago, my husband was in Las Vegas for a conference, and I took an all day tour to Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon-West Rim.  In the top photo is a shocking look at a shrinking Lake Mead with water levels that have dropped significantly, requiring emergency intake tunnels that are now being drilled under the lake.  You can clearly see the white mineral lines where the water levels were at one time.  Both Lake Mead and Lake Powell, first and second largest U.S. man-made lake reservoirs respectively, are at less than half capacity due to the diminishing flow of the once mighty Colorado River.  The present water threshold is at a level where a water shortage declaration by the U.S. Department of the Interior will likely be announced soon.

Water from Lake Mead has met the needs for drinking water and urban use, farming, raising cattle, and hydroelectricity from Hoover Dam for 40 million people for decades.  Besides the upper-basin states of Utah, New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming and the lower basin states of Arizona, Nevada and California, the Lake Mead and Lake Powell reservoirs supply water to 22 native American tribes, 11 national parks, 7 national wildlife refuges, and 4 million acres of farmland.

California alone, with the largest number of residents in the nation (1 out of 10), consumes 3/4 of Lake Mead’s water and produces 15% of the nation’s food supply.  It is reported that 70% of the water is used by farmers who will no longer be able to maintain their crops or herds in a prolonged drought. Recently Governor Jerry Brown proclaimed a drought emergency for the state of California and imposed a 20% water reduction in their state.   In Sacramento, a half million people have been mandated to reduce their water use by 30% after the water level dropped drastically at the nearby Folsom Lake reservoir.

California’s State Water Project  announced to its millions of urban residents and farmers that beginning this spring the state reservoir “will effectively be closed for business”, the first time in its 54 year history.  This means that “hundreds of thousands of acres of land in the Central Valley to go unplanted. . . That will cause severe economic problems in our rural regions–loss of jobs and economic activity, with all the heartache that entails,” stated Paul Wenger, president of the California Farm Bureau Federation.  Every region will have to seek its own water sources from local reservoirs, wells, recycled waste water and conservation efforts.   Other Western States are realizing the seriousness of water conservation since it is not known how long this drought period would last.

Many adjustments are needed to deal with water limitations and restrictions.  Water usage priorities will eliminate lush green lawns and gardens; cars won’t be washed as often; baths will be shorter with less water; toilets will go unflushed unless absolutely necessary, energy saving appliances will be advised; conserving electricity will be a must, etc.  New developments in Las Vegas are being built with no grassy lawns and homeowners like our friends who live there have cement and small stones that cover their backyard.  Those living in drought-stricken areas are not refilling their swimming pools and some are using pool water for watering their lawns and plants;  set hours must be followed for daytime lawn watering, etc.

Here are some adverse consequences that our country may be faced with shortly, should the severe drought not break:

Food costs will escalate; there will be food shortages and food buying panic, including stocking up on bottled water.  As the land turns into a Dust Bowl similar to that of the 1930’s, farmers will lose their livelihood and cattlemen, their herds; businesses will shut down; tourism will dwindle and restaurants will close; unemployment will soar; financial pressures will mount with decreasing tax receipts, higher state deficits, and the states’  economies will be further strained, reminiscent of the Great Depression of the 30’s.  Social problems and crime will increase and have already begun with thefts of water tanks reported in Humboldt County, California; and the price of water, electricity, as well as food will soar.  Wildfires will burn out of control with little or no water to put them out.


REPLICA OF EIFFEL TOWER AT THE PARIS HOTEL-                                                                                                              I wonder how much longer the glitzy bright neon lights will continue shining along the Las Vegas Strip!

WHAT WE CAN DO TO SAVE OUR PLANET-                                   REDUCE, RECYCLE, REUSE!

Here are a few conservation suggestions from school children who celebrated Earth Day during a dry spell in Hawaii some years ago:

Turn off the water when you’re brushing your teeth                                       or washing the dishes;

Take short showers and don’t let the water run when you’re soaping yourself in the shower;

Shower together with a brother or sister;

Flush the toilet only on number 2;

Pour out the water you rinsed your rice in- onto your plants;

Don’t leave any lights on if you’re not in the room, etc.  (new link 2-7-14)





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  1. Equipping The Saints

    Thank you for all of the good information that you provide. And, thank you a third time for your comment and reblog of my 030714-2 post. Please keep up your good work.

  2. Equipping The Saints

    Please know that your likes of other blog comments are great encouragement things that you do. I am so very, very, encouraged in the way that our Loving Heavenly Father uses you to show His awesomeness to a lost world. Many blessings to you.

  3. The True Light!

    Water is such a problem now here in California! But God will provide…


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