Pegasus Airfield

Can you imagine living in a dark world?! Read about an adventurous young man who relates about his recent experience of “the first time I’d seen our beloved star in more than 4 months.”

Chilly Philly: My Life on the Rocks

Last month, I got the opportunity to go and help out one of our electricians, Horace, for a couple hours during the day.  On this particular day, Horace was headed out to Pegasus Airfield to do some maintenance on the runway lights.  We had two flights coming in 10 days and there some burnt out approach lights.

After I packed myself a lunch, I met up with Horace at the electrician’s shop in Building 136, the FM (Facilities Maintenance) building.  Once we loaded some light bulbs into the back of the truck, we headed out to  the runway.
We took this trip about 2 days after the first sunrise of the season.  Due to that, and the shadow of Mt. Erebus, we were suspended in a very long sunrise and a very long sunset for the majority of the trip.  There was a 45 minute chunk of direct sunlight in…

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