Amazing Roll Cloud Tumbles Over DC Area

You all have to see this ‘AMAZING ROLL CLOUD’! Lots more photos with comments from those who were even taking pictures and trying to drive the same time! Described with these words:


Amazing Roll Cloud Tumbles Over DC Area
A rare tube-shaped cloud created a spectacle in northern Virginia yesterday (Sept. 16) as it crept across the sky. The U.S. National Weather Service’s Baltimore/Washington office in Sterling, Va., snapped a panoramic photo of the ominous-looking roll cloud as it moved over the area. “An outflow boundary from the showers associated with the cold front produced a very well defined roll cloud that passed over our forecast office this morning just before 7:30 am,” the NWS office said in a Facebook post. Roll clouds belong to a family of low-forming clouds known as arcus clouds. They are related to the more common, wedge-shaped shelf cloud. Shelf clouds often form on the leading edges of thunderstorms (or sometimes a cold front) as rain-cooled air ploughs under the warm, moist air that’s closer to the ground. This warm, moist air is forced upwards and its water vapor condenses into the scary-looking cloud formation. More

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