“I Gotta Go To The Bathroom!”




7-22-13  ‘BATHROOM BILL. . .’  All women, young and old, get ready to share bathrooms with the boys and men!


5-11-13  “I Gotta Go To The Bathroom!”  If you gotta go, you gotta go!

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  1. What are we willing say and do regarding transgenderism? What if a valuable patron is or becomes a TG, should I not conduct business with her/him/them? If in delaware and at a mens bathroom at church, do I choose a stall over a urinal for privacy. How do I react to an asexual robot or drone in the future who is in or around a public restroom. It may not happen for another 5 years but it will. Rebellion to the Kingdom of God has many expressions and apathy towards other lusts of the flesh can go on for decades because we have made them our norm–a few to consider: gluttony, little regard for environmental stewardship, not keeping the sabbath etc

    • Answer to question- probably very little depending if they are within our circle of influence or not. We are obligated to treat everyone with respect. Sharing bathrooms with trans genders does not have to be an issue if there are private stalls which most bathrooms have anyway. We just need to act with prudence, consider safety factors when answering nature’s call. Apply what you know about good sense to bath rooming: go in the bathroom by twos, with an escort with you or right outside if you feel uneasy or wait until the bathroom is empty, etc. Above all, life goes on.

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