Same sex marriage

We will know soon enough what the Feds will do to rewrite all the dictionaries over the definition of marriage. Read this poignant post!

The Lions Den

Mr Manwairing has considered the salient point WHY ssm is an anomaly. In a nutshell, the understanding of the word (marriage) is the strength of the courts power to say nay or yeah.

Scalia recently offered a masterstroke of a question: ‘when did it become unconstitutional for two people of the same sex to marry?’  In reality, he is simply asking WHEN did the court define marriage?? Brilliant.

Once we travel down the road of ‘changing meanings of words,’ where will it end? What is the limit then on people’s rights? Can a little girl go to the local notary and ‘marry’ her turtle? Can little Spike ‘marry’ his iguana? Can Suzie then have 2 wives, 3, 4??  Can Louis ‘marry’ his horse? Sounds off the wall, but that’s the point, it IS off the wall.

Once a word has lost its meaning, he with the cleverest imagination win’s the…

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