Why God Needs Obedience

Very nice story about OBEDIENCE. I like this part:

“God’s not a control freak. He is a loving Father. He calls us to obey in order to protect and bless us. (“Give…and it will be given unto you…” “Obey…and you will eat the fruit of the land…” ) God’s promises to us are great. And often involve obedience…”

l i g h t room

Do you recall when you first learned a lesson in obedience? What was it? What did the experience teach you? I don’t know about you, but I’m awfully stubborn by nature. I’ve had to learn some lessons over and over and over again. Thank God He’s so patient with us – a loving Father teaching us to trust Him, to walk humbly, to obey…

I didn’t like obeying. My rebellion started early. I had a vivid independent streak. A strong ‘self’ will. A tendency to do things my way. As a girl, I was always running around outdoors. I would be footloose and fancy free for hours on end.

But…there were rules to follow. There happened to be a ‘curfew’ in place at our house. And oh, how I hated that curfew! Especially in summer. Who wanted to be in bed at 8 p.m. when it was still light out? Not me! One night I took off and hung out in one of my favorite tree branches, hiding from…

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