I hope my friends visiting Israel can get a flight out ASAP!


Hamas shoots missile at Jerusalem – YouTube.

In a sign of extreme desperation, Hamas fires an inaccurate missile at Jerusalem and risks destroying “Islam’s third holiest sites.”  Hamas claims to be an Islamist organization.  Really?  Even Saddam didn’t risk firing at Jerusalem.

In their feeble attempt to “scare” Israel (still clueless about whom they’re fighting) they have handed Israel the biggest public relations coup possible.  One that will actually speak to the Islamic world ! – JW

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  1. Really? Maybe they’d rather stay with their people, no?

    • No, Joseph. They are with a small tour group visiting your country.

      I myself visited the Bible land where Jesus lived and preached the gospel of the kingdom before He was crucified. He rose from the grave and will return as Messiah and King to establish His Kingdom that will never end. But before this happens, men’s kingdoms will fail as is happening now.

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