Starting the Second 100 Posts!

Yesterday I wrote my 100th post!


Setting Goals

Every blogger who begins a blog keeps on writing and can’t stop, or shouldn’t anyway!  If you have a clear vision of why you want to write, you will keep writing!   I set my first challenge at 100 posts or 1,000 hits.  I reached the 1,000 hits in 6 weeks;  actually 1,004 views by July 16, 2012 the day after I posted my 10 year old grand daughter wearing my wedding gown   You can read that post at  I had written 51 posts in the 7 weeks since I began the blog on May 26, 2012.

Then I set my sights on 100 posts or 3,000 views.  I know it may not sound too high, but for me these were realistic numbers. Participating in a ‘Weekly Writing Challenge’ gave me an extra ‘push’ as I neared my goals.

Yesterday I wrote my 100th post!  Today I have a total of 2,882 hits, so I also got pretty close to my goal of 3,000 hits!

When I started my blog I was a total novice on blogging, and I was ‘Going Bananas’ by June 22, 2012!

Yesterday I noticed that my second ‘HOME’ appeared back on the PAGES in the dashboard.  It ‘disappeared’ for a while and then returned. Or maybe I just noticed it since I was working on the header bar recently!  By now I am smart enough to find ‘Edit’ and I trashed it!  Simple as that!  After long last I got rid of it!

I end my journaling ‘About My Blog’ with my vision and purpose again taken from two other posts:

“My goal is to reach the world for Christ with my blog, even if it’s only a couple people from a country, but somebody from every country is my desire!  The number of views is not as important as making contact with someone from every place in the world- that is my hope and prayer.  Then viewer(s) will reach someone else with the message that “God loves you and has a plan and future for you” (Jeremiah 29:11), and we will  multiply ourselves as in 2Timothy 2:2, “…to teach others also.”

“Here is an update on my blog.  First of all, THANK YOU for supporting my efforts to reach the world for Christ, for allowing me to share ‘God’s Enduring Love’ with you, for letting me encourage you in your faith, while your viewing my blog encourages my faith as well!”

What should my next goal be-  200 posts or 5,000 views?!


About Shofar/Liz

I have a Christian blogsite-'God's Enduring Love' at with 'Words of Encouragement from the Bible and Liz's Journal'. Also, an art blogsite-'Art with Aloha' at 'A Journal About Art and Life. I use acrylic and oil paints, graphite pencils and pen and ink.

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  1. I think “posts,” because this is primarily about your journey. You never can tell when things will take off, but having goals for your own writing–that’s within your own actions. God Bless!

    • I believe you’re right! I can handle the posts, and no telling when and how the views and responses would follow! I appreciate your encouraging comments! God bless you, too!

  2. Congratulations to you!! Blogging is definitely a worthwhile endeavor both for yourself and for the others that you reach. You are helping people see things in a different light and giving them something to think about!! Good for you! Keep up with this…you are spreading an important word!!

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