The Man Who Was Mad At God!




After our children had all grown and flown the nest, Drgold and I moved out of our large 9 bedroom 5 bath home to a luxurious, 32 floors and 350-unit condominium near  Waikiki.  On the 3rd floor level was a spacious well-manicured lawn, beautiful landscaped garden with a walking path, and large swimming pool and hot tub.  There was also a well-equipped party room, and next to it was a glassed in, fully equipped exercise room.  Being retired, Wyman liked to exercise daily during the mid-mornings.  One day while exercising, there was just one other person in the room with him, an 80-year old Japanese man.  Drgold knew this man, who at one time was a very prominent real estate developer, lawyer and city councilman in Honolulu.  

He struck up a conversation with him and said,  RichardI want to tell you how you can go to heaven through Jesus Christ.  The man retorted,  I am MAD at God!”

The man raised his voice and said, “My wife was a very good person, went to church every Sunday and prayed, and GOD TOOK HER FROM ME!” Apparently, this man loved his wife very much, a beautiful Caucasian woman who had recently passed away in her 70’s.  The man said,  “I am a SAMURAI!  I like to go to the bars and drink with my friends, and I would go golfing on Sundays while my wife went to church faithfully. Why didn’t God take ME instead of my wife?”

Drgold looked at the man right in the eyes and told him, “Richard, if God took your life today, you would go directly to hell!  I want to also tell you what your wife was doing while she was in church.  She was praying for you that one day you would repent of your sins and accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour!  Richard, if you want to ever see your wife again in heaven, you must pray with me and accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour!  Let’s pray right now!” Amidst tears, Drgold led this 80 year old man to repeat a sinner’s prayer to accept Jesus Christ into his heart.

Shortly after, Drgold learned that Richard, who had lived in one of the penthouses, once considered committing suicide by jumping off the building.  Long story short, Richard, having confessed and accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour, lived for another two years before he also died. Praise God he accepted the Lord!

This is what God wants us to do- go into the world and tell others about Jesus, and how they can receive the gift of salvation and eternal life!

If you have not accepted Jesus Christ into your heart as your Saviour, or if you are not sure of where you would go should you die, you can say this simple prayer of faith.  The Lord will hear you and save you, and one day you will be with the Lord in heaven.  Just pray,

“Dear Jesus, I am a lost sinner.  I believe that you died for me.  Please forgive me for my sins and come into my heart today.  I accept you as my Lord and Savior and with your help, I will live for you.  Amen.”

That’s it, the Bible says when one sinner comes to the Lord, all heaven rejoices:

Luke 15:10  Likewise, I say unto you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth.


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I have a Christian blogsite-'God's Enduring Love' at with 'Words of Encouragement from the Bible and Liz's Journal'. Also, an art blogsite-'Art with Aloha' at 'A Journal About Art and Life. I use acrylic and oil paints, graphite pencils and pen and ink.

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    I am reblogging this because 2 years ago I didn’t even know how to post a photo. It helps the viewer to see how high the condominium is and where the penthouse is situated.

  2. thenakedtruth2

    Great post Liz. The prayers of a wife, the faithful witness of a saint, the patience and timing of God.

    Well done. Warms my soul

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