Peril on the Highway and Saved By Angels

This is northern Luzon, the largest island in the Philippines archipelago where we have done most of our ministry. We have worked in many provinces since our first trip from Manila to Ilocos Norte. This map shows the distance from Manila to past Laoag City to the little town of Bangui at the northwest tip of Ilocos Norte province.

A Partas bus like this one followed close behind us on the way to Laoag City.

The compact car in front of us had a blow out. We braked and hit the car.  The Partas bus behind us hit our Jeepney.  This is when we pulled over to the side of the road: police car, compact car, our Jeepney, and Partas bus parked behind us.

This is the Partas bus that hit us from behind!

A police report was made.   A crowd of onlookers gathered around us since it took quite a while to settle with the cash amount to be paid for the slight damages on the compact car.  In the Philippines folks don’t make insurance claims or take someone to court if they can settle their issues between parties.

This  post is about a miracle in March 2000 on our first of 14 missionary trips to the Philippines:

Saved and Protected By God’s Angels!
Our very first trip to the Philippines in late March 2000, 12 years ago, was a great blessing and an eye-opener for Wyman and I.  Many people were very eager to receive the Lord and to be saved, to be filled with the Holy Spirit, healed, delivered and blessed, much like during Jesus’ days.  It seems that everyone was very open to God’s presence in our meetings and open air crusades.

Traveling along the MacArthur Highway from Manila to Bangui via Laoag City, a distance of over 350 miles, our mission team of 10 people rode in a large Jeepney.  After several stopovers for a few days along the way, we headed for Bangui, the furthermost northern tip of the Philippines archipelago.  While traveling in April, the beginning of  the hottest time of the year, the weather was already sweltering with afternoon temperatures in the mid-90s. This leg of our trip would take us about seven hours.  We  had a harrowing life-threatening experience.  Two drivers plus a team member were in the front seat, and the rest of us with our two baggages each, piled uncomfortably into the back of the large Jeepney. We were packed in like sardines, some with handkerchiefs to wipe our often sweaty brows!

Then the devil tried to kill us when we left Binalonan on the way to Bangui. He hated us for preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and doing the Lord’s work.  We were lumbering northward in the Jeepney going about 45 mph in normal light traffic when about two hours out, a compact car ahead of us had a tire blowout. Our driver jammed on his brakes, hitting the car in front of us, causing some slight dents to the trunk and bumper.  At the same time a large 50 passenger Partas air-conditioned bus that was following very close behind, hit us.  I looked back when I heard the blowout and saw that the bus was heading right for us and knew we were going to be hit!  There was no time to even pray as it happened so fast!

But we experienced a great miracle that day!  The Lord had His angels stop the careening big bus from killing us, such that it only kissed the Jeepney, giving us just a sharp jolt and causing only a slight dent to our heavy Jeepney.  Had the bus not been able to stop, the crushing impact would have seriously injured or even caused deaths among us.  God in His mercy intervened by having His angels protect us so that no one was injured.  Upon the impact, one of the ladies handkerchief flew out of her hand and landed in the hand of another guy in the rear of the Jeepney.  After more than an hour delay for settling cash  payment for damages to the car ahead, our Jeepney continued the balance of the trip to Laoag City, and then to Bangui. We then had a beautiful revival time at the little church in Bangui and with the extended Bolosan family there!

In obedience to the Great Commission of Jesus Christ (Mark 16:15), we went and God was with us all the Way!  He was watching over us and knew of our every  move.  He had sent us into a far-off land to be His emissaries to bring life and deliverance to the people in the Philippines.  Here are some scripture verses that relate to this incident:

Psalms 91:11-12  “For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.”

Hebrews 1:14  “Are they not all ministering (angels), sent to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?”

Proverbs 12:28   “In the way of righteousness is life; and in the pathway thereof there is no death.”

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I have a Christian blogsite-'God's Enduring Love' at with 'Words of Encouragement from the Bible and Liz's Journal'. Also, an art blogsite-'Art with Aloha' at 'A Journal About Art and Life. I use acrylic and oil paints, graphite pencils and pen and ink.

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  1. HALLELUYAH! The LORD watches over HIS Faithful saints and Ministers of the Gospel and sends HIS powerful and holy angels to keep and protect them – ALL the TIME!

  2. hello ma’m Liz! I am actually amaze of what you’re doing such files or story like this. you are so creative! thank you so much for this unforgotten experience in the Lord. This incident proves that God always protects those who love and serve Him faithfully. I showed it to ptr Nandy and blessed! thank you Ma’m for this inspiring links.

    • Aloha, Pastors Nandy and Vilma,
      I’m glad you have visited our blogs! We have so many more stories of our mission trips and testimonies to share. I left only 5 manuscripts of my eBook in the Philippines which Pastor Taaca printed- 2 in Dagupan, 2 in Binalonan including your copy, and 1 in Urdanetta. Tell your members that they can read the eBook in my blog. I know many cannot spare $3.39 from so I will post the chapters for them!
      Yes, this unforgettable experience is fresh in our memory even after 12 years. Thank you to Pastor Nandy for driving us to Bangui! The pictures and testimony are going all over the world!
      God bless you,
      Sis. Liz

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