Eat What You’re Served- A Filipino Delicacy!


Last evening we attended the United Christian Fellowship of Filipino churches in Hawaii. It was the 2012 annual conference with great worship, sharing and teachings. We were also on the program to share our experiences as missionaries in the Philippines.

Before the evening service we had a dinner of Filipino foods that my husband and I have learned to enjoy. I got in the line and served myself some rice, various vegetable dishes, and a dish that looked like fried brown rice, passing up the meat dishes like I usually do. Then I went and sat down between a pastor on my left and another pastor’s wife on my right while Wyman sat not far from me to talk to old friends. I asked the pastor on my left, “What is this that I’m eating? It’s very tasty!” Smiling, he said, “I only know the Filipino name, ‘abuos’ and yes, it’s very good!” By then I had finished eating that part of my meal and turned to the pastor’s wife on the right side of me and pointing to the food on her plate, I asked her, “What is that? It’s very good!” She proceeded to tell me that it was a delicacy someone brought back from the Philippines. FRIED ANT EGGS AND LARVAE!!! That’s what I found out I ate after I finished eating them!  Then the man on my left was asking me if I also ate grasshoppers and caterpillars like the kind sold from the sidewalk stalls in Vietnam . . .

I was told that giant ants/termites’ eggs and larvae are harvested from trees like the tamarind tree and are relished by Filipino people and other racial groups as well.  They are a good source of protein and will lower blood pressure.  Now, would I have eaten that delicacy if I knew what it was. . .

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  1. Cliff Your Pal Juarez

    I think you would you would have eaten it whether or not you knew what was in that
    dish or not.

    • Maybe. I once saw my grand daughter eating a snack. She offered me a piece and I ate a dried up little worm!
      When I tell the grandkids that my dad and I caught bull frogs and my mom made fried frog legs for us to eat, they think it’s gross!
      But I think frogs may be healthier to eat than some other food with eyes!

  2. Hoo, BOY! I think we’ve finally found a good use for fire ants! 😉
    I thought that rice had a sort of larval look to it, and the way you wrote this just had that leading tone of voice, but I never dreamed of ants. It makes me shiver. 😆

    • The dish sure looked like brown rice. As a vegetarian, I like rice dishes, quinoa, stuff like that. I only found the picture the next day when I Googled ‘ant eggs’ thinking I would find it as a Filipino delicacy. Which I did, but apparently other cultures eat ant eggs, too! I took a picture of it right from my computer to post it. If what I ate looked like the photo, I hardly think I would have served it into my plate! Thanks for looking at my posts!

  3. If you don’t mind eating frog legs, scorpions, and such, then I think you would have still eaten it. But ant larvae? Gag. Ack. No, thank you. What a praise that you had lived to blog about it afterwards. For this reason, I don’t like to try “new” foods that much. But Filipino pancit and ginata’an are delish.

    • Thank you for visiting my blog. What is ginata’an? I love banana lumpia, all the vegetable dishes like okra, bitter melon, marungay, and salads, and halo halo which is really cheap in the Philippines to enjoy.

      • oh yeah, banana lumpia is one of the best!
        Ginata’an is a dessert that’s served warm. It’s looks like a white-colored soup and has round pieces of dough with pieces of coconut, some sort of jelly, and yam (or taro) inside. Very sweet and tasty!

      • I may have had that, too! I’ve eaten nearly all Filipino desserts and love them! I suppose you are Filipino?

      • I’m Korean – although folks would probably not guess that due to my posts soundin’ as if I’m a Southerner – or an LA gangsta too. Haha!

      • “Ginataan” literally means “with gata”. Gata is coconut milk/cream. So there’s ginataang squash, ginataang bangus, ginataang long beans, ginataang tilapia, etc. But the dessert is “ginataang bilo-bilo” or just ginataan. Bilo-bilo refers to those round balls of rice dough cooked in coconut milk which turns very thick from the rice flour. Other ingredients are usually tapioca balls, sweet potato chunks, saba variety of banana, and jackfruit strips, sometimes sweet corn, purple taro chunks. I love this dessert served cold. Here are a couple of recipes:,

      • Thank you for viewing this post! I love the cold bilo bilo dessert and most anything with coconut milk. And thanks for the recipes! My favorite food is Dagupan Bangus, milk fish that is grilled and yesterday a pastor friend from Binalonan brought me a few frozen ones. Fresh is a lot tastier though! God bless you! Stay connected, will you!

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