A Call to the Mission Field

Our elderly neighbor asked, “Eh, why you like move from here!?”  She couldn’t understand why we would sell our home after living in this nice suburban community for over 30 years.  We were young when we moved here to raise our three children.  That’s me in the picture still in my work clothes, having just gotten home from my job as principal of a Catholic preschool and kindergarten,  a stone’s throw from our home.  Wyman had just finished his run around the neighborhood with Princess, our part Labrador dog.  He was recognized by all the neighbors and their kids as he did his three mile jog everyday with two panting dogs, since we later added a light brown part pit bull to our family.  They ran until they got older and slower as the years went by, then their run became just a brisk walk. .

30 years ago?

It was a half hour commute into the city when the traffic flowed smoothly. The kids often scrapped in the car, sibling rivalry they call it.  It made me so nervous as I drove to the parochial school where my daughter was in kindergarten and her brother in second grade.  I would threaten to pull over and leave them on the side of the freeway, but of course I never followed through!   I soon learned to make morning prayer a regular practice  and we would each say our prayers for the day, especially for traveling safety, with me ending the prayer.  Some days I extended my prayer to include not only our family members, but everyone else who came into my mind and everything under the sun until we got close to our destination.  And the children knew to be quiet during prayer.  When I couldn’t make the prayer last until we reached their school, I put on a Christian radio program and turned the volume up.  I found out that there was less squabbling in the car because I wasn’t giving attention to the kids and they couldn’t compete with the radio!

One morning as I drove into town with the radio on,  the radio commentator on the Christian station was talking about world evangelism and I heard a voice say to me, “One day you will preach to large crowds in a foreign land.”  I thought, “How is this possible when I have three young children to raise?”  The years passed by, yet in the back of my mind a seed had been planted.

Fast forward to the year 2000.  My son and two daughters were educated, married with their own children and my husband and I just started attending a small church that built a mission house and had a Bible School in the Philippines.   We joined the pastor and several church members on our very first overseas mission trip, the first of 14 trips we would make to Northern Luzon, Philippines.

About Shofar/Liz

I have a Christian blogsite-'God's Enduring Love' at https://heulu.wordpress.com with 'Words of Encouragement from the Bible and Liz's Journal'. Also, an art blogsite-'Art with Aloha' at http://artwithaloha.wordpress.com 'A Journal About Art and Life. I use acrylic and oil paints, graphite pencils and pen and ink.

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