Hearing From God

Hearing From God- Guidance

Someone asked me recently, how does a person hear from God, or how do you receive guidance from God? I read a good book on guidance some time ago by Bob Mumford.  One important point in Mumford’s book, Take Another Look At Guidance, mentions how circumstances must fall into place as important ‘sign posts’ to look for.  These ‘sign posts’ must line up.

  • 2Cor13:1 says, “In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.”
  • 2 Tim 3:16 states, “All scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction for instruction in righteousness: “

Basically, this means that AFTER YOU HAVE PRAYED you need to practice 3 S’s:

Stay still- don’t rush out to do anything;

Sit in silence- wait and listen for a

Still, small voice.

God will speak through circumstances, through people, and most of all, through the witness of the Holy Spirit.  This last witness means that whatever a person does must be in harmony with the Word of God and God’s will.  God may speak through scriptures in the Bible and He NEVER contradicts Himself, e.g. this is not God speaking: “God told me to leave my husband and follow the evangelist.”

Learning to recognize the witness of the Holy Spirit, also called ‘inner witness,’ is a skill that we must develop in order to led by the Lord.  That witness is ‘the peace of God that ‘passes understanding’ and is able to ’‘rule in our hearts’ (Philippians 4:7; Colossians 3:15).  Contrasted to this feeling of peace is a feeling of uneasiness, or a ‘check’ in our spirit which is like the caution or yellow traffic light, a warning to not proceed since the red STOP light is about to come on!

Here is an example of  confirmed guidance from the Lord.  Back in September 2011, Wyman prayed and asked God if we could go to the Philippines again, to do ministry like we have done before  in the past eleven years.  The airfare then was quite expensive, running between $750 to $1200 round-trip per person.  He emailed Hawaiian Airlines to ask them whether they would have a similar promotional airfare to the PI again like in 2010. Wyman put a fleece before the Lord like Gideon did and told God that if the airfares were low, it would be a sign that He wanted us to go again in January 2012, when the weather is much cooler and better.  The airlines replied with a terse ‘NO’!  Then in Oct 2011, Wyman contacted his travel agent saying if she saw any low airfare to call him.  A month later in Nov 2011 she called and asked if we would like to be booked for a price of $560 round-trip per person, the lowest we ever paid on 14 trips to the PI.  PTL!

In this example, several things can be learned about seeking guidance from God. First of all, we seek guidance from God whenever we need to make an important decision or major change in our lives.  Second, is we always need to wait for two or more confirmations from God.  Confirmation often comes by circumstances lining up or falling in place, like someone telling us to do something that they did not know we were praying about.  Third, is that we need to have patience for God’s leading, and not be impulsive.  Fourth, we sometimes need to put ‘legs to our prayer’, like stepping out by faith and picking up the phone, etc.  Fifth and most importantly, whatever we do must line up with the Word of God and His will for our lives.  If we are submitted to His will, God will block anything that He does not want us to do which would be detrimental to our lives, like how He tried  to stop the prophet Baalam from going against Israel.

Also, God is able to lead us ahead of time before something very negative is about to happen, like how the angel warned Joseph to leave Nazareth because Herod sought to kill the Christ child.  In our case, God told us to move from one condominium to another.  Now, four years later, we learned that in the previous condominium, each owner will be assessed over $35,000 for major plumbing repairs requiring ripping out the walls, etc.   God is Faithful to those who hear His voice!


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